My Wounds May Never Heal (IV)

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The moment the waiter opened the bottle, a cascade of Wine rained over Jimi soaking his shirt completely. I didn’t have enough time to react to this before Jimi knocked down the waiter, covering him with fast and furious punches.

The whole restaurant scattered and in the midst of the confusion, I heard someone screaming for security. Two or three guys gathered around trying to pry Jimi away from the waiter but he proved too strong for them, he kept screaming;

“My Gucci shirt……., you ruined my Gucci shirt” and banging the waiter’s head on the floor with each scream.

I picked up my bag and the papers and backed away quietly out of the restaurant, I was shaking badly, horrified at the madness Jimi was displaying. I stopped for a second at the door of the restaurant to look at Banke’s face. She looked as though she was stuck to the chair and couldn’t stand up, the look on her face spelt horror plainly. I walked briskly once I got out of the restaurant moving out of the way of the Police Van that zoomed into the front of the restaurant.

The news of Jimi’s assault on the waiter and his subsequent arrest made it into almost every blog, TV and Radio stations in the country. Thankfully my name wasn’t mentioned in the whole drama. I saw the waiter’s picture in a newspaper and I almost couldn’t believe Jimi had done that much damage in such a short time. The waiter was said to be in coma and may likely suffer brain damage. The whole country was in shock that anyone could treat a fellow human being that way over a shirt stain.
I did not feel much pity for Jimi, my only concern was not to be a felon’s wife and I was determined more than ever to get out of the marriage. I realized it would be better if I engaged the services of a Lawyer.

I thought about who my Lawyer should be and decided it had to be a woman. I needed someone who could empathize with my predicament. My mind went back to an article I read two years earlier. It was about a woman lawyer whose practice was dedicated towards helping abused women. That was exactly the kind of person I needed. I picked up my phone and searched for her contact details on Google.

The waiting room seemed more like that of a Spa than a lawyer’s office. It was tastefully decorated with artwork. Even the walls were painted in orange giving the place a lovely glow. I felt the tension ease away with each minute I spent there and also felt more confident about getting a solution to my problems. Anyone who had this kind of office had to be an organized person who also has a warm heart, I thought.

I was shown into her office fifteen minutes after I arrived and was struck by the ambience of the office as well. I was even more impressed by her appearance. She looked young, beautiful and curvy. A true definition of what the African woman should look like.

“Morning Madam, I am glad you agreed to meet me on such a short notice despite your schedule.”

“It’s my pleasure, your e-mail seemed rather urgent and compelling and so I had to arrange something.”

“I am grateful Miss Nwachukwu”, I replied

Please call me Nana, she said adjusting her glasses.

Oh, okay, thank you Nana.
She smiled broadly revealing well apportioned teeth and motioned for me to sit.

“My name is Olaseni and I need to be divorced from my husband urgently.”

“Okay, let’s start from the very beginning. Why do you want a divorce?”

I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to summarize everything I had gone through in the three years of my marriage.

Throughout my narrative, she said nothing, she however occasionally scribbled on a Lavender legal pad.

When I was through, she came to my side, sat on the edge of the table and placed her hands on my shoulders. She said just one sentence that gave me the hope and peace of mind that I so desperately needed.

“Rest easy Seni, you will surely get your divorce. I promise you that.”


The day before Jimi’s trial began; my lawyer and I arranged a meeting with him. He had been granted bail pending the outcome of the trial. The meeting was scheduled to hold in Jimi’s office and despite my misgivings about being anywhere Jimi, I felt quite safe since Nana was accompanying me.

He made us wait for over thirty minutes before he told his secretary to call us in. He ignored our greetings and acting as if he didn’t see my lawyer, he turned straight to me saying.
“Seni, like I told you when you called earlier, you are my wife and you will always be my wife. I have no intention of letting you go and that’s final. Even this small girl you brought as your lawyer can’t do anything about it.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, if I were you Mr. Jimi Kolawole.”
Nana said casually taking a seat. I followed suit, making sure I was as close to Nana as possible.

“I wasn’t talking to you young lady, it’s none of your business.” He barked.

“But you were talking to my client, which makes it my business.” She replied coolly removing her glasses.

“Now listen to this Mr. Kolawole, I will like you to imagine a scenario where your wife decides to testify against you in court. I am sure the prosecution would love that. Just imagine what the judge will think when she starts to tell all those wonderful stories of abuse, imagine how the crowd in the …..”

“But she doesn’t have any proof does she?” He asked cutting Nana off.

“Oh, she has proof all right Mr. Kolawole, she does have proof.”

“Perhaps Seni here didn’t tell you, that each time you abused her, she went to a doctor for check up, I don’t know if you remember a time that you beat her into unconsciousness, she went to the hospital afterwards and was later told she lost a month old pregnancy.”

“It’s all here in this file, the Doctor’s report, the lab tests and other related documents. I could show you if you wish to see them.”

She dropped the flat file on Jimi’s desk. Jimi hesitated; and his eyes darted between my lawyer and me, finally he picked it up and leafed through the pages.

“One more thing, the Doctor is willing to testify if need be.” Nana added watching Jimi scan through the file.

I kept glancing at the door throughout the time Nana was talking; I was scared Jimi could do something crazy because of the way his eyes were turning red by the minute.

He finally dropped the file and stared at Nana for what seemed like ages but Nana remained unperturbed, she kept staring back at him intently.

Jimi finally said,

“Can I have the papers?”

Nana brought them out and gave them to him. I held my breath as Jimi signed; I couldn’t believe it was all about to be over.

He signed them and gave them back to Nana, and without another word he placed his head on the table.
We stood up, said our goodbyes but as before our greetings were not acknowledged.


The court dissolved our marriage two weeks after Jimi was sentenced to two years imprisonment for his assault on the waiter. The waiter had finally got out of coma but was still in intensive care. I called Nana to break the news to her and she told me to meet her at a restaurant close to her office in an hour’s time.

“We need to celebrate Seni, I am so happy for you”, she said.

I dropped the call and cradled Atilola in my arms. I was happy Jimi was gone from our lives and sad that my daughter wasn’t going to grow up having both her Mom and Dad in the same house. It however felt good to be liberated and I determined in my mind to be the best parent on earth to my daughter.

I later dropped Atilola at my Mom’s place and left for my meeting with Nana.

“Congratulations Seni”, she said hugging me as soon I walked to her table.

“Thank you so much Nana, I couldn’t have done this without you” I replied.

“I think you would have, Seni. You have such an indomitable spirit. You would have found a way, I am sure of that.”

“But you made it all easier, I would always be grateful.”

She waved my appreciation off, signaling for a waiter to bring the menu.

“Would you think I’m crazy if I said I feel sorry for Jimi?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I can definitely understand that. He was your husband after all and the father of your daughter.”

“Hmm, thank you.”

“I have decided to do some advocacy work myself. I would to like work with you in helping abused women. I feel this urgent need to share my story with the whole world. Perhaps it could save someone out there from falling into the same pit I fell in.”

“That’s great Seni, there is this NGO that I usually work with, I am sure it would be a great platform for you. I am glad you want to do this.”

“I don’t know if I would ever really get over everything that happened. A part of me still thinks Jimi can be a threat to me.”

“He can never be Seni; I need you to get over the fear.”

“I will Nana, I will. I will do my best to be strong; it’s just that I keep thinking my wounds may never heal.”

“No, dear, they will heal. The more you help encourage others in your situation, the more your own bruises will heal.”

“I think I agree with you.”

“Here comes the food, let’s eat and forget about all things Jimi.”

The End!

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