Do Some Girls Deserve To Be Raped?

The story below is a personal experience. This happened sometime in October 2004.


“Hello Ladies, open the door!”
A deep voice said from the back window, the one that had a thick bush directly behind it. Although it seemed only a little more than a whisper, it was very clear in the still of the night.
“We are seven, two are at your door, another two with me here and two at the other window. If you refuse to co-operate you are dead. We have guns and Knives, don’t think of getting smart.”

I sat up abruptly, sweat beads breaking out on my forehead. I glanced at the second bunk in the room and noticed that Sike was also up. We both stared at each other, and I saw naked panic in her eyes. We had left the light on during the night, something I realized to be a very big mistake at that moment. I looked at the wall clock; it was 1.30 in the morning.

My eyes went to the door of the room; it was made with planks and had openings between each of the planks. I glanced at the windows too and realized we didn’t stand any chance. The louvers were made of ply wood and I knew it would be a child’s play for anyone to remove especially since there was no burglar proof. We were trapped and so the only option was to cooperate

We had just resumed school that same day and were still basking in the euphoria of having made it through pre-degree to become an undergraduate.
The house was the same hostel where we stayed during our pre-degree program. It was a public hostel and had four rows of bungalows on each side. The left side was for the females and the right for the males. There was a main gate that was never locked since people go and come at odd hours. Even the door that led into the bungalow where we stayed was never locked so I believed him when he said there was someone at our door.

My throat was dry but I managed to speak;

“What do you want sir? If it is money or our phones, we can pass it through the window.”

My new Nokia 3310 was my most prized possession at that time but I was ready to give it away if it meant not having to be in a room with a group of boys in a deserted building.

He laughed at my words and I heard a scratch on our door as if to confirm that someone was really there.

“Open the door young lady before I break it down”.

I looked at my friend and saw that she could be of no help; she was literarily peeing in her pants. I thought of the other room that was occupied in the house but remembered it was in an interior part of the house and so I couldn’t take the chances that they would hear anything and come to our rescue. The house was always filled with people but since it was still the first day of resumption, it was mostly deserted.

Without thinking, I stood up, wore my slippers and opened the door. Immediately I opened, I brushed past the guy that was at the door, but he drew me back, holding me in a tight grip and tried pushing me back inside the house, I don’t know where the strength came from but I kept struggling with him determined not to enter the room. He was drawing me and saying;

“Enter peacefully and lie down so I can do what I want to do without maiming you.”
I felt a gun at my side but I was still determined not to be raped. I remember sobbing, saying;

“It’s better that you kill me ooo”

I kept thinking that I wasn’t going to lose my innocence to a rapist, never! He struggled and I struggled with him with this extraordinary power that I didn’t know I had. I was finally able to get into the sitting room and then I placed one hand on a cupboard to support myself and yanked myself free. Once I was free, I broke into a run and didn’t stop until I reached the school gate which was like a fifteen minutes walk. I’m sure I made the distance in less than five minutes.

I didn’t remember my friend until I got to the security post. That was when I started telling the security men to follow me to the house, screaming that my friend was inside. It was then that I stopped to think and wondered if there had been just one person all along.
By the time we got back, I met my friend in front of the house with the whole hostel awake; it happened that the guy ran away immediately I broke free probably thinking I was going to scream for help.

The security guys went back to their post after being assured we were safe but I was determined not to spend another night in that house, so we were escorted to our fellowship secretariat to sleep.
It was the next day when we came to pack our stuff that we overheard some of the flat mates talking.

“They deserve it “a voice I recognized said
Especially that small girl, her eyes are too sharp and she would always smile and talk to every boy that she meets. I’m glad they didn’t do it ooo, but I think they deserve it if they had been raped.”

I dropped the clothes I was packing and my friend and I looked at ourselves incredulously like did someone just say that?

The lady went on, “why won’t they come and harass them when they will be wearing trousers all over the place feeling like big girls instead of accepting Jesus into their lives.”

We packed our stuff that afternoon and moved to the school hostel, but I never stopped wondering why anyone would talk like that.
Do some girls deserve to be raped?


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