So He Finally Proposed and I Didn’t Say Yes

This was the first write-up I published on the internet and the second story/article I ever wrote. It was originally posted on to share it for those who missed it. Jide and I met over two years ago; we were introduced by Zino my soyoyo friend. I call her Soyoyo partly because of her very fair … Continue reading So He Finally Proposed and I Didn’t Say Yes

Boarding Tales (Episode VII)

  Please find all previous episodes here I felt the buzz before I heard it; I dropped my spoon even as I heard several spoons clattering onto plates. Students had started climbing on the dining table while others were pushing their way to the front. I was still thinking which one of the two to … Continue reading Boarding Tales (Episode VII)

Deep from within (POETRY) By ‘Lanre Bucknor

I have since lost all forms of inspiration I seem to have lost a sense of appellation To talk about the state of my nation To the dogs—goes my appreciation We have left every endeavour to pray Yet, our leaders see us as common prey “Pray!” The clerics keeps telling us to pray Over matters … Continue reading Deep from within (POETRY) By ‘Lanre Bucknor