Boarding Tales (Episode VIII)



“How exactly will this still work out Yewande” I whispered as the voice of the principal droned on and on. The plan had seemed simple and perfect, we leave the school seperately and meet in the village car park but somehow everything had seemed to be against our going. The principal had decided to pay one of his rare visits to the school and the teachers, cooks, gatemen and prefects had alll suddenly remembered their responsibilities.

Yewande and I were dismayed but there was basically nothing we could do. Our chance finally came when the principal left at around 5.30 that Saturday and the school went back to the chaos it normally was. I went to yewande’s bunk and asked if we could fix it for the next weekend.

”Aren’t you going again?” She asked

”We are still going?”

”Yes now, the school is not far at all and we’ll still get a bus going to the town if we hurry.”

”I don’t think I’m okay with that oo it’s late” I said watching as she folded a jean in a way that when she was done it was no bigger than a wallet.  She did the same thing to a top and I watched on trying to decide whether to follow her or not. She ignored me and I watched her lie on the bed, cover herself with a wrapper. I watched curiously , I couldn’t see her hands but I could sense that her hands were busy under the wrapper. I quickly dashed to my bed deciding finally to take the chance. I wrapped a soft chffon dress the same way I saw her did her blouse. I laid on my bed and covered myself the way she did. I slipped the chiffon into my pant, stood up and saw that she was gone.

I gave her a few more minutes and left the hostel. I changed in the bath room and took the foothpath between the two rocks at the back of the female hostel. By 6.30 pm we had left the village park. A part of me was scared wondering if I knew what I was doing.


I wanted to lie on the floor and cry, we were in serious trouble and I could see evenYewande was confused on what the next line of action should be. We had gotten to the school gate at bout 7.15 pm. Yeande said her boyfriend lived near the school gate and we had set for the place and that was when we got the shock of our lives.

The door of the room was locked and upon asking the neighbours we were told he had travelled. I’m dead I thought as soon as I heard it.

Can we still get a bus back to the village? I asked in a shaky voice

“No, they close by 7”

“So Yewande what are we going to do? Are we going to continue walking aimlessly around this school?”

“Now that you mentioned it, I think that’s a good idea.” she replied.

“We can look for a guy that looks nice enough, explain our situation to him and see if he can help us.”

“Ah, Yewande. Why dont we look for a girl instead?”

“Girl? for where? you dont know that we girls are always uncaring towards one another? No girl will take us in ooo, if they suspect we are secondary school students they can even go and report us.”

“Ok then.'” I replied shrugging

We decided to seat on a cement bench in the school park. it was Yewande’s idea, she wanted me to sit while she walked around to see if she could find someone to help.

I was shaking from fear and for the first time in my life I started praying for help. The sky was already dark and the only source of light was the dim bulbs of the street lights.

I must have slept off at some point because I felt Yewande tapping me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and quickly glanced at my watch “7.50 pm” I gasped.

“Tinuke meet Sylvester”

I looked at her confused but quickly understood when she winked at me.

“Good evening Sylvester” I said

“Sylvester like I told you earlier my name is Kemi and we need your help.”

“No problem ladies, its my pleasure. Our flat is big enough and I’m sure my flat mate won’t mind having you beautiful ladies spend the night with us.”

Yewande drew me up and we followed the guy out of the school.


Sylvester’s friend had welcomed us warmly after he had spoken to his friend for about just a minute. He had a broad grin on his face and he introduced himself as Kolade, he asked me to follow him and I realised at that point how we were going to pay for the night’s accomodation. I certainly wasn’t bothered, that was what I wanted anyway. Meet a guy, spend the night and whatever came with that was fine by me. I said goodbye to Yewande and followed Kolade into his room.

It wasn’t as grand as what had been on my mind. The carpet was torn in some places, the bed spread was kind of dirty, the television in the room had also gathered some dust but still I couldn’t complain.

“So what do you want to eat?” “If you guys had come earlier we would have taken you out.”

“No problem” I said thinking if we had come earlier we would be with Yewande’s cool boyfriend the one that had a lovely room where we would have had so much fun.

“I’m not hungry” I lied

“I’m sure you are, I can quickly get some suya own the road if you dont mind.”

“Okay I will take Suya.”

He left the room and a few minutes later Yewande came in.

“So how is Sylvester’s room?”

“Is it as bad as this or better?”

“it’s better than this ooo, it’s really cool”

The guys came back not long after and Yewande went back to Sylvester’s room.

We spent that night with them and I woke up the next morning dissapointed and angry, it wasn’t like Yewande had made me believe. I still didn’t get an experience close to what I get with Demo. In fact Toluse was better than Kolade. I was irritated and wanted to get back to the school quickly, I wanted to see Toluse and wipe out the memory of Kolade from my mind. We left for the village with the first Bus that moved at 7.

We entered the dormitory seperately and it was as if no one noticed that we had left the school. I heaved a huge sigh of relief confident that we had gotten away with our escapade. I couldn’t be more wrong and that became clear when the sound of a bell ringing suddenly rent the air. Mr Adisa’s voice resonated loudly calling out for Bosola Adesegun and Yewande Olutola.

……to be continued


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