National Anthem Annotated – Osowe Oluwagbenga

    Arise! O Compatriots, For 12 years or more of our lives we’ve said those words, Like robots and parrots, chanting and reciting, But to the meaning of the words we give no thoughts, So we refuse to arise, rather we chill and relax While our nation continually rots,  Yet we say we’re compatriots … Continue reading National Anthem Annotated – Osowe Oluwagbenga

Boarding Tales (Episode X)

To read all the previous episodes, from Episode I to X, please click here “Take them to the bathroom and search them” Mr Adisa ordered after searching Yewande’s stuff for over thirty minutes and not finding any of the missing items. “Slappy must be pissing in her pants from ecstatic joy”. I thought looking at the … Continue reading Boarding Tales (Episode X)