BROTHERS, STRANGERS – Osowe Oluwagbenga (@gbengaosowe)

    They are brothers yet strangers, Born of different mothers One dark and stocky, The other light and lithe   One lives for the rings The world of punches and jabs The more you throw, the more your belts The other lives for the pitches, In his world, goals and dribbles count The more … Continue reading BROTHERS, STRANGERS – Osowe Oluwagbenga (@gbengaosowe)

LET’s TALK ABOUT SONGS – Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe

    Let's talk about songs, Lyrically waxed intelligent or not, Life’s messages mapped unto beats and rhythms Love’s sonnets arranged into soul-enriching tunes Lullabies, sending little ones to the lands where no worries exist, Loud, ear-assaulting, intelligence defying, peace- eroding cacophonies Let’s talk about songs, meaningful or not   Let’s reminisce about Commander Obey, … Continue reading LET’s TALK ABOUT SONGS – Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe