Hilarity — Isaacola AA




Its good to laugh to douse all these tension soaked country. Laugh they say does much good to the heart than any medicine.

I am a passionate Nigeria that believe in equity, justice and fairness but I took it on myself never to allow my going through affect my going to for the obvious reason of maintaining my sanity.

Let’s go! I was traveling to see my parents sometime in 1999 from school . I was at UNAD then, in case you are interested (winks). I boarded a bus as usual and was ready for the tumultuous four hours journey to Ilorin that entailed passing through numerous death traps and winding sharp bending bottle necked roads. Um, traveling to Ilorin from Ekiti land can sometimes require you to read Psalm 91 and 23 or if you are a muslim reading “Yaasin” and “Dabatiada”. The road then was quite hazardous for that matter.

The main side attraction that made the journey an unforgettable one was that, as usual, we were almost always confronted by road blocks at every bend by men in black.

The driver had already dished out twenty Naira notes at almost six places and then we were confronted by another. The driver just angrily picked the twenty Naira, rained all imaginable curses in the dictionary of Ijebu, Ijesha and Ekiti, rolled into one on the money. The police officer stretched his hand to collect the money on getting to the so called collection point when a lanky passenger spoke a police slang to the policeman and he allowed us to go.

All the passengers complaining and adding all manners of curses to the menace on the road called men in black became mute!

The moral of the story: all these monies collected through extortion and the rest!, Curses hang on them!

Think twice before you collect the next one. Don’t mortgage the future of your children !


We are unique, peculiar and totally mysterious to others. We cannot be bound by any known law, neither do we conform to all sets of rule and dogmas. We are just who we are, Nigerian!

Yes we are Nigerian and we are almost rule to ourselves.

Am not going to be barging you with the insurmountable political hubris we are confronted with. But I want to laugh heartily and forget your sorrows at least for now. Laughter is good for your health.

I went for a course in the country of elder statesman Mandela some five years ago. On my way back at Jo’bourgh airport. We were waiting for our flight to be called around 2pm SA time. Suddenly without any announcement on the electronic board or from the public address system I saw fellow passengers running as if we are in Lagos trying to board “molue”. Even the non- Nigerians were not left behind. Everybody seems to be bitten by the rushing bug. Unconsciously I joined.

At the boarding section, after all the rush. We still had to wait. It beat my imagination how they were able to identify our plane without announcement and…

Anyway another thing was that, I saw a middle aged woman wheeled into the plane before we the so called abled bodied men and women were allowed to board. On getting to Lagos six hours later. I saw this wheeled in woman cursing up and down at the baggage carousel because there was some delay in releasing our bags. Wow! How come the wheeled in woman is stomping up and down for bag!

Naija, I hail thee!

I’m @newnaija on twitter

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