LET’s TALK ABOUT SONGS – Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe




Let’s talk about songs,

Lyrically waxed intelligent or not,

Life’s messages mapped unto beats and rhythms

Love’s sonnets arranged into soul-enriching tunes

Lullabies, sending little ones to the lands where no worries exist,

Loud, ear-assaulting, intelligence defying, peace- eroding cacophonies

Let’s talk about songs, meaningful or not


Let’s reminisce about Commander Obey, a philosopher, teacher

Lyrics from him taught me that seeking to please all is the key to failure,

Lessons from the father, son and donkey, I’d never forget while on earth’s soil I traverse

The Elegant stallion preaching unity and love with words so tender,

The importance of abstinence and faithfulness, Oh! What a masterpiece,

The sweetly sung duet with the Ondo-born king of World beats, a classic, never forgotten

If you love me, wait for me” a song for a lifetime

The sweet voice of the elegant stallion looking into the king of world beats


My emotions are taking over; maybe I should stop here, lest I cry

Why should Christy, the lady of songs die so young?

Which child of that generation did not want to do well and be the father’s pride?

What should I say of Funmi Adams, teaching me the importance of education?

 “Bata re a dun ko ko ka” plays in my brain at the sight of a female banker in high heeled shoes,

Thank God, they listened to Mike Okri, not spending their time in school on “dodo ati raisi”.
 Let’s talk about tongolo, whatever that means, only the kokomaster knows,

Who’s Tony Montana? An actor, singer, dancer, what? Never mind Naeto C is badder than him

Booty shaking videos, weed promoting songs are all I see on my TV, be it local or terrestrial

So I ask myself what becomes of the next generation,

If music be the food of the soul, so what are these young ones eating?

Junks or balanced diet, I leave you to be the judge

Let’s think about this and let’s talk about songs.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ezitonye Peace
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 16:31:34

    if music is d food of love?we are certainly eating constipation inducing morsels.God save our bellies.Great piece.


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