COIN……there are two sides to ever story by @obasatemitope (Episode VI)



“You miss road sergeant?” Sabo asked now.

“Do you know Musa well?” Kogberegbe said, choosing to ignore Sabo’s reference to him as a sergeant.

“My brother Musa be”

“Tell me what’s been happening between you two for the past two weeks”

“Haffen? Nothing haffen”

“Have you been drinking with Musa?”

“Yes sergeant, Musa not haffy. Me I helf him”

“You help him by getting him drunk while he was supposed to keep watch over someone’s house?”

Sabo gave a little laugh “ Musa drunk because he just starting. Later, he be like me, nothing, just okay”

“So, when you drink, you don’t get drunk?”

“Drunk, not me, except fle-enty” he described this, spreading his hands wide

“So, Sabo while your friend was drunk, what were you always doing?”

“Me let Musa sleef” Sabo said proudly “he sleep and he be okay. Me I watch the house and my oga own. When Musa he wake, me I come back, enter my house and work”

“While Musa was drunk and you watched over his house, did you ever hear sounds?”

“Sound? Sound what?”

“Noise, like someone breaking glass” This, Kogberegbe described by smashing an invisible bottle against concrete

“No o” Sabo’s lips slopped “no noise, no”

“Try to think about it Sabo, the killer didn’t do all the preparation to get in in one night. So my guess is that while Musa got drunk and slept, someone…”

“Sabo!” Someone called from inside the house and soon, the owner of the voice, who also happened to be the owner of the house appeared. Kogberegbe met Mr. Sangosina earlier and knew the man didn’t like detectives…or maybe he simply didn’t like Kogberegbe for whatever reason.

“Detective, you’re back so soon. Hope there’s no cause for alarm?” Mr. Sangosina said. He was one of the few men that went to work whenever they felt like. He swung his briefcase, looking immaculate in his well cut three piece suit. Mr. Sangosina was rather short, with a pot belly and a slightly balding head. Kogberegbe guessed he didn’t look too handsome even in his youth.

“I just had to ask your gateman some questions” Kogberegbe said

“You might have considered informing me?”

“My bad sir” Kogberegbe responded

“Bad indeed, because this doesn’t portray a good image of my house. How manymore gatemen in the neighbourhood have you interviewed in seclusion of their bosses?”

“Your gateman was…”

“Exactly, none!” Sangosina said, not waiting for Kogberegbe to make his point “I don’t want you to start giving my neighbours ideas like we house a murderer here”

“I wasn’t suggesting that sir”

“Good, cos you should be spending more time in the Okanlawons’ house before your trail gets cold”

“Pardon me sir?”

“Go ask him” Sangosina said, his eyes bulging “He can’t say he doesn’t know who hates him so much to kill his daughter”

“But you said earlier that Mr. Okanlawon can’t possibly have enemies”

“It shouldn’t be my business to tell you now, should it? Afterall, I’m not the one with a dead daughter and if the grieving father isn’t giving you all the information that should help your investigation, what should my business be in it?”

“What exactly are you suggesting sir?”

Mr. Sangosina raised his briefcase, signaling Sabo to take it to the car. “Since he got to this estate, our peace packed up and left with him. For Christ’s sake detective, he’s a politician! Politicians are bound to have enemies. In case it slipped his memory, ask him to tell you about the most recent uproar – at least the most recent one”


“I’ve said more than  I should really, you see, Segun- er, Okanlawon is my friend and I shouldn’t go leaking his secrets”

“If you’re helping him unravel the mystery of his daughter’s murder, I wouldn’t think you’re doing him any evil sir”

“I’m running late detective, I hope I have been of help to you. You wont find your murderer here and I sincerely want you to find him but you’re wasting time” With this, Mr. Sangosina headed for his car, Sabo turned diligently beside him, heading for the gate. The driver picked the queue and started the car engine. Just then, Kogberegbe noticed Sabo’s heavily plastered left arm. Kogberegbe had a brief flash of the blood on the windowsill, to the left; they had guessed that the murderer cut himself on his way out. This wound might be consistent with the shape of the glass shard. Excitement flooded through Holme’s system as he asked boldly “How did you sustain that injury, Sabo?”



Sabo stopped in his tracks, he looked shocked for a brief moment then followed Holme’s gaze on his left arm “ok,this- I one?”

Sangosina stepped out heavily out of his Toyota Camry 2008 series and said coldly “ Show him Sabo”

To this, Sabo removed his shirt to expose other parts of his body which was tattered and heavily bandaged as well. How could someone have so many injuries without being in an accident?

“Were you in an accident?”

“Sabo does more than gate- keeping in this house and happened to fall off a ladder while installing a pipe. There were lots of debris where he worked”

Kogberegbe peered at the wounds, unsure. Sabo could have sustained these wounds long before or after the murder, and there wasn’t enough evidence at the crime scene to account for so many wounds. Nevertheless, Kogberegbe thought he would have Sabo’s blood sample if only to clear his mind of doubt. He noticed Sangosina’s burning glare and said his apologies, then excused himself.

Kogberegbe sought out Musa “How close are you to Sabo?” He asked after exchanging pleasantries with the gateman.

“Kilose?” Musa  responded, confused by the grammar as usual

“Sabo is your friend right?” Kogberegbe simplified

“Priend yes”

“Good friend?”

“Ah, gaskiane, good priend, Sabo, pamily even. Ah, I like Sabo well well and he like me back”

“Is Sabo always injuring himself? He seems to have a lot of cut” Kogberegbe said, demonstrating

“No. no” Musa  said with a downturn of his lips “Sabo serung well well”

“I see, Sabo is very strong right? You don’t see him as a man that should go injuring himself” Kogberegbe interpreted Musa’s statement and Musa  just smiled, his eyes almost closed. “But did he tell you he fell”

“Sabo he pell? Ah me oga, I no know” Musa  said, turning his head from side to side. Just then, a sergeant arrived, Abu, going by the tag attached to his uniform.

“Morning sir” Abu saluted Kogberegbe who responded alike “Glad to catch you here. I was asked to drop this report with you”

“It’s alright. Thank you” Kogberegbe replied, collecting the sealed manila from Abu. Kogberegbe was working closely with the police department on the case and they promised to give all the support they could “I wonder if I could add to your task?”

“I don’t have much doing here really, just to question Doctor further. So if the task isn’t going to take much time sir, I could take it up”

“Please get a med to take a blood sample from the gateman next door, his name is Sabo. When you do, run a match with the sample taken from the windowpane at the crime scene” Kogberegbe hoped to God that Sabo, like many other Nigerians would not know his rights. Since Kogberegbe didn’t have any proof that could put Sabo on the crime scene, he didn’t have any reason to take his blood sample

“Is he a suspect sir?” Abu asked

“I can’t say for sure that…” he couldn’t finish his statement because Mr. Sangosina drove by just then, eyes cold as ice fixed on Kogberegbe. Kogberegbe wondered why the man wouldn’t understand that he was simply doing his job. Mr. Sangosina’s gaze left Kogberegbe and rested on Abu who bowed to the man. Mr Sangosina’s expression softened for a brief second before resting again on Kogberegbe and he drove off, winding up his tinted glass as he did so. Musa  just stood there, his teeth out, eyes squinted, and hands on his hips as his gaze went from one man to another like he was taking in the full details to gist his friends later, howbeit confusing.


“I’ll see you around then searg” Kogberegbe said, putting on his sunglasses and heading for his car. Kogberegbe’ next stop was Ronke’s boyfriend’s house. Dr. Okanlawon supplied a phone number, which belonged to Ronke’s closest friend who in turn gave him Dapo, Ronke’s boyfriend’s address. The boy’s neighbourhood depicted as much wealth as Dr. Okanlawon’s. This made Kogberegbe smile, the rich almost always want to be acquainted with the rich- a natural phenomenon. Kogberegbe tracked down Dapo’s house number and alighted from his car. At the sound of the door bell, a uniformed maid appeared, bending her knee a fraction, she greeted Kogberegbe politely.

“Good morning” Kogberegbe responded “Er, is Dapo in?” At this, the maid gave a confusing expression which was a blend of alarm, surprise and sadness so Kogberegbe introduced himself as a detective and said “May I see Dapo please? Or does he not live here?” Kogberegbe asked again when the woman still refused to talk

“Has another same thing happened?” she finally asked


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  1. adedotun
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 13:56:58

    Not again..I just want the whole story at once*sad face*


  2. Sarah
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 18:19:02

    Come on 😦 …so much suspense. I like it 🙂


  3. tosin
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 11:12:59

    I’m really enjoying this…suspense!


  4. Jummie Ogunlana
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 15:35:58

    The suspense is killing me. My imagination is running wild.its a good piece. looking forward to Saturday!


  5. biddie
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 08:28:31

    This is Supa Stowie ……..
    Thank U 4 readin today’s episode of Tope’s Stowie, we hope U enjoyed it
    Watch Out for fresh episodes of ThisLife, Papa Ajasco & co


  6. temitopeobasa
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 06:34:10

    Reblogged this on temitopeobasa's Blog.


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