19:16 – Osowe Oluwagbenga (@gbengaosowe)


It’s 19:16,

And no, I am not talking about 2 years into the First World War

But peace still eludes us,

For we are ruled by men with no focus

Propounding theorems of like religion and ethnicity to divide us

So we fight and argue amongst ourselves

Whilst they keep on collecting allowances and bonuses so bogus


It’s 19:16

And no, I am not inviting you to a time for us to take to our favourite brews

And revel in bouts of inebriation and drunkenness

Even if Guinness says 17:59 is the time for greatness

And I wonder how many bottles of such greatness must have been imbibed

By these ones causing their different factions to make “factual statements”

So contradictory and so porous,

But it’s all about



19 who are against us and 16 who are for us NOT,

Standing aside whilst poverty, insecurity and poor health infrastructures still decimate us

But they jump on the next flight to receive treatment for the slightest headache and toothaches

In hospitals beyond our shores

Need I tell you more about who the 19:16 are?

19:16 is the number that has put me in this conundrum,

Where my knowledge and practice of Mathematics is being questioned,

By my 10-years old pupil, whose knowledge of numbers is in turn being questioned,

By the actions of the Governor’s forum and their obvious lack of decorum

Somebody tell me how do I successfully explain to her

That the position of 19 and 16 on the number line do not matter

When the leadership ofthe Governor’s forum is the subject of the matter

Or do I just tell her to take it as it is without further questions

So her increasingly inquisitive mind she should not bother,

Even when I have taught her how to place inequality signs between numbers

Depending on which greater or less?

That, my people is the problem caused for me by 19:16 and

Now I urge you all reading this to

Guide me out of this problem with your comment and suggestions

As I place before you the numbers 19 and 16,

To fill in the blank space correctly

19___16 greater than (>) or less than (<)?

image credit: google images

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. culturemonk
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 14:40:21

    Enjoyed 🙂


  2. lawalaboladefatai
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 17:00:36

    Great piece, 19 is definately < 16, everyone knows except the JANGINATORS


  3. Isaacola AA
    Jul 05, 2013 @ 10:44:28

    Men that lack the intelligent capacity to decode which is greater betwixt 19 and 16 or should I say “men bereft of simple dignity n truthfulness parading 16 as greater than 19 . Egypt on my mind as I count days to their waterloo. Thanks Gbenga for this! Kudos bro


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