COIN………..there are two sides to every story (Episode XIV) by @obasatemitope


Truly when Kogberegbe tried to call the number again, it was switched off. Who could this be, he wondered. According to the message, the person had the sim card for only one reason- communication with Ronke or with a small sect of people at the most whom he could cut himself off from easily. Kogberegbe’s instincts told him that there was a high possibility that this was Ronke’s killer . and he was now certain that the person was an influential one, maybe a politician or a successful businessman. At the same time,  it could be a high ranking cultist. But whoever it was, he was influential in his world. In his summary, Kogberegbe knew he now had to look deep at three places: UNILAG, the political world and the clubhouse, where he suspected would be the link between Ronke and businessmen if it was a businessman involved. None of the three would be an easy crack.

Musa sat with his friends; they played draft and ate ‘goro’ as usual but Musa wasn’t really interested. He was far more excited about his new possession- his Nokia phone. His friends had also advised him to buy ‘momory’ which would enable him save songs on the phone. This, he did with the help of his friend, Sabo. Musa often wondered how Sabo quickly caught on with technology when it was he, Musa who brought him into civilization in the first instance.

Musa found it quite interesting that he didn’t need to depend on his transistor radio to listen to his favorite station- BBC. He so much loved to listen to BBC news even though he didn’t understand a word of what was said. Amongst them though, they usually found a way to interpret the ‘white man’s news’.

As Musa fumbled with the station, he heard a familiar sound; he didn’t know where he knew the sound from or what he associated it with but a part of his mind kept wandering towards the sound until he was forced to take his concentration off the radio and investigate the sound. He realized it was someone’s phone, Kemta; and he noticed that Sabo was also staring at Kemta, annoyance registered on his face. Kemta, one of his friends had missed his call because he was serving his turn of the game; now he fumbled through his pocket for the phone, a contented smile on his face regarding the beautiful game he just played. Musa turned back his concentration on his own phone.

“Aaah, Ayi” Musa heard Kemta say, referring to his wife. Kemta’s phone started ringing again and this time, Musa’s head jerked up; not just because the ringing tone was totally out of their circle, but because he now remembered whom he associated the ringing tone with- Ronke. One look at the phone and he knew it belonged to his late madam. Musa’s heart sank, but he knew he had to act immediately, and that he had to be wise about it. He allowed Kemta to finish his call and announce that his wife had just delivered “Mata na ta aiku yaro”. They all rejoiced with him and started up a chatter which Musa’s heart was detached from. He found the perfect moment to excuse himself and he did so. Back at his designated duty post, Musa dialed Kogberegbe’s number, just as he had taught him.

Kogberegbe was within UNILAG premises when Musa’s call came through. His communication was a mixture of Hausa and the little he could muster of English. The rant was totally confusing, but he knew Musa not to be a man of many words so he was sure something had unsettled him. He told Musa to calm down and that he would make his way over as soon as possible.

Kogberegbe was making headway in the school and had no intention of leaving anytime soon. From the many students he interviewed, he confirmed his hunch that Ronke’s clique consisted of no less than two known cult members, emphasis on “known”. This was only enough to base his assumptions on, not make any arrest since he couldn’t place any one of them at the murder scene- yet. After gathering as much information as he could for the day, which included names of known cultists in the school, Kogberegbe made his way to the bank, armed with Ronke’s cheque book and a court order giving Kogberegbe full access to the account details. The bank manager was surprisingly cooperative and after two painful hours howbeit laced with VIP treatment, Kogberegbe left the bank with statement of account that dated a year back. It was quite bulky.

Then Kogberegbe made his way to the Okanlawon’s residence where he found Musa pacing  within the premises. He looked relieved when he saw Kogberegbe and hurried to him. He explained as best as he could that he’d seen Ronke’s phone with one of the guards and that he thought it might be useful to Kogberegbe’s investigation. Kogberegbe couldn’t believe his ears.

“Who is the phone with?” Kogberegbe asked

“Kemta” Musa responded

“And he dared use the phone in public?” Kogberegbe said, wondering at the guts “Take me to him at once” Kogberegbe hurried Musa on. He wished he had known the urgency of Musa’s call, now he hoped he hadn’t wasted valuable time. Kogberegbe scanned his head for the list of guards he interviewed on the day of the incidence; whoever this Kemta character was, definitely didn’t make his list.

“Have I seen this Kemta before?” Kogberegbe asked

“Aaah. Kemta he come from home yesterday yesterday” Musa said raising his hand in explanation. Kogberegbe had an idea of what he meant and that was all that mattered.

Musa enquired from his friends of Kemta’s where-about, they simply shrugged their ignorance so Musa decided that they should check the house he guarded but he was still nowhere to be found. Kogberegbe nearly jumped out of his skin when he realized that Sabo had crept up behind them. Together, they searched the compound but didn’t find Kemta. Musa and Sabo started towards the gate, concluding that Kemta  was on the run. Kogberegbe however paused to assess the gatehouse because he thought he could make out a silhouette behind the curtain. Adrenalin pumping and obvious alarm in his eyes, Kogberegbe kicked down the fragile door, coming to face with what he feared he had seen. Hanging limply from the ceiling was Kemta’s obviously lifeless body. Musa gasped and Sabo murmured “Alah- Akbar”

As he took in the scene, he heard police siren and was momentarily shocked. “Did you call the police?” Kogberegbe asked Musa.

“Ah ah” Musa responded, shaking his head, palms up.

“Who else knew that you called me?” Kogberegbe asked

“Oga no anybody, walahi” Musa said, raising two fingers for emphasis.

Kogberegbe was furious as he only managed to snap a picture of the corpse before the policemen swarmed the room. This further made Kogberegbe wonder; how did they know where to come, when the incidence had barely been unveiled. The policemen were quickly followed by Musa’s friends and then news-seeking locals. Kogberegbe watched as the policemen lousily carried out their duties, the perimeter wasn’t even sealed which allowed for scene contamination, and in a flash the corpse had been brought down.

“He’s dead” He heard one of the officers call out, this made him smile because he knew that was a medical error since only a Medical professional could declare the death statement, even if the body was already showing signs of rot.

Abu rooted himself beside Kogberegbe, dishing out orders. He must enjoy it, Kogberegbe thought barely seconds before Abu smugly announced to him that he had just been promoted.

“Good for you” Kogberegbe said with a smile. Sabo muttered something that Kogberegbe didn’t understand so he turned to Abu for explanation.

“’Nemesis; Conscience’. That’s what he said. He obviously believes that when someone does something wrong, it gets to a  point where either nemesis catches up with you or your conscience causes you to admit your guilt”

“So Kemta suddenly started feeling guilty and decided to hang himself after showing his phone in public?” Kogberegbe asked, and from the surprised look he gave in response, Kogberegbe was sure he knew nothing about the phone. Abu however shrugged and left Kogberegbe’s side to carry out his high rank duties. Kogberegbe stooped beside the corpse, assessing it. Something seemed fishy about the whole set up but he couldn’t place a finger on it. The body felt cold to the touch and a bit stiffened which meant that Kemta hypothetically hanged himself barely minutes after Musa called Kogberegbe. Why would he bother to bring the phone out in everyone’s presence, jeopardizing his cover only to kill himself because of it. Why didn’t he sell the phone or simply toss it? On assessing the rope with which he theoretically hanged himself, Kogberegbe realized it wasn’t tight enough around the neck to have caused him to die so fast. He then checked the picture he had taken, Kemta’s head tilted in an awkward angle inconsistent with the rope pattern. It seemed as if Kemta’s neck had been snapped- just like Ronke’s.

Kogberegbe motioned for Abu “This doesn’t add up”

“How do you mean? The case has been wrapped, I just called the office to give preliminary report. The DPO should call Dr. Okanlawon soon with the news that we solved the case. It’s a wrap detective”

“This man didn’t kill himself” Kogberegbe said.

“With due respect detective, I understand that you are trying to impress Doc but I have been ordered to wrap up this case”

“How did you get here so fast?” Kogberegbe asked him now

“Anonymous tip” Abu responded

“It was barely five minutes after I discovered the body that you arrived, it means the ‘anonymous tip’ must have known about the body even before it was discovered” Kogberegbe observed.

“If you want your name recorded in the report as having found the body, that can be arranged. If you’ll excuse me please…” Abu said and started walking  away.

“One minute Abu” Kogberegbe called after him


“I need a favour” Kogberegbe said, eyes fixed on Sabo who stared right back at him as if monitoring his every word and move “I need you to take Sabo in for questioning”

“Why’s that?”

“Let’s just say I have a hunch”

“Detective, that is against the law. The Nigeria police does not operate in barbarism!”

Kogberegbe rubbed his temple, trying to suppress his annoyance “When I got this job, I realized I may have to work through brick walls like you, so I carried out some digging into the background of some officers, you inclusive. I have a copy of the transactions you authorized last June” Kogberegbe said “If it is made public, I can assure you that you stand to lose your job. I am sorry I have to stoop so low as to blackmailing you, but you leave me no choice”

Abu’s eyes widened “That was an authorized operation”

“I also have the list of your superiors that authorized it covertly. I promise you I will leave no stone unturned in getting it out to media houses, it will be far beyond your control. You will have to be looking at a federal case”

“You wouldn’t” Abu said, lips slightly trembling.

“Try me” Kogberegbe said, meeting his gaze

“Arresting him on no grounds can still cost me my job”

“That’s a probability, blackmailing you is a certainty. You have a choice to make”

“But I have to take permission for every action I take” Abu said

“You were swarmed with the suicide case, I ordered Sabo’s arrest” Kogberegbe offered

“I hope not to work with you ever again” Abu said through gritted teeth.

“I won’t  look forward to it” Kogberegbe responded.

Abu beckoned on two of his men “Do as he says” he ordered them eyes still fixed on Kogberegbe

Kogberegbe led the men towards Sabo, who was weaving his way through the crowd, obviously in on the plan to have him arrested. He glanced back, saw that Kogberegbe and the men were gaining grounds and he picked up pace.

“After him” Kogberegbe ordered. The policemen caught up with Sabo in no time and had him handcuffed.

“Thank you” Kogberegbe said to them and walked towards Abu

“Walahi you go pay for this nonsense wey you do. Why you wan talk say you arrest me now???”

Kogberegbe stopped short in his strides, turning round sharply to look at Sabo who communicated beautifully in Pidgin English. Even Musa appeared shocked. Now, more than before, Kogberegbe was certain that Sabo wasn’t who he pretended to be. All the while, he fooled everyone into believing he was one of the proper Hausa clan who only understood English sparingly.

“Sabo…” Musa called, then followed up with some local dialect

“Shut up you fool!” Sabo responded menacingly and Musa visibly flinched.

“Interesting” Kogberegbe said, taking in Abu’s surprised look. “Can I take him ahead to the station with one or two of your men?” Kogberegbe asked Abu

“Sure” He responded “I just have to wait here for forensics”

“Hmm” Kogberegbe said, ignoring the urge to criticize the fact the Abu and his men put the cart before the horse once again, as they always did in their investigations. He simply smiled and made his leave.

Talk about torturing, Naija police definitely knew their way around that! Within the short while Sabo arrived at the station, he’d been shown the other side of the law. No one bothered to ask Kogberegbe what basis he was holding Sabo on. The fact that he was arrested and brought in handcuffed could only mean one thing- he was guilty. Actually though, Kogberegbe still had no solid proof against Sabo and if only he had a good lawyer or knew his rights, he would know that the police couldn’t hold him beyond twenty four hours unless they find substantial evidence against him. Kogberegbe could only hope that they could make him believe they had evidence, and as such force a confession out of him. Sabo’s little apartment had been swept by the police after Kogberegbe left, nothing was found there that could incriminate him- or so they said. Kogberegbe knew it would have been best for him to be there while they searched but he had too much on his plate to handle at once. Kogberegbe browsed through the phone that was confiscated from Sabo, it was wiped clean. However, Kogberegbe observed that it was an expensive Sony Ericson, wondering how Sabo could have managed to afford such or why he needed it in the first instance. Kogberegbe decided to call Abu to check if he was still on site, he was.

“Could you please go to Musa, I want to ask him a few questions and I’d like you to kindly interpret”

“Sure” Abu responded, obviously still pissed off with Kogberegbe. A few minutes later he was with Musa, his phone on speaker.

“Musa, remind me how you found out that your betrothed disappointed you?” Kogberegbe questioned and Musa went into a frantic Hausa correspondence, obviously glad that he didn’t have to respond in English. Through Abu, Musa confirmed that it was Sabo who suggested that they call home, the message had come through Sabo and Musa had been too distraught afterwards to make a follow-up call.

“And afterwards he started getting you drunk while he kept watch over the house?” Kogberegbe asked further and Abu affirmed. “Ok Musa, here is what I want you to do for me ok? Call home right now, find out about your wife. I will call right back ok?” Kogberegbe waited for Abu to get back on the line “Thanks Abu. Please call me back immediately he’s made contact with his people. And please bring him back to the station with you; I worry for his safety out there.”

“Ok I will” Abu said and got off the phone.

Kogberegbe was certain that Sabo was involved in the murder; he found a way to get Musa in a sad state so as to introduce him to drinking. He probably even laced the alcohol with pills that ensured that Musa was knocked out long enough to prepare for his evil act. His physique would also match the suspect profile and also perfect for Kemta’s framed suicide. He had plenty of time to set the scene, plus easy access to all the houses that his friends guarded on the estate. Kogberegbe believed that Sabo either committed the crime with Kemta who felt he had become a loose end that needed to be tied up, or Sabo committed the crime on his own then gave Ronke’s phone to Kemta to sell but the latter held on to it. Once Sabo realized the slip, he knew it was just a matter of time before Kemta pointed him as the source. A problem however remained…Sabo’s blood didn’t match the sample taken at the scene. That either meant Sabo was not the killer or there was more than one killer; but then also, the sweep of the scene didn’t suggest there was more than one killer that entered Ronke’s room.

Just then, Abu called him back “He wants to speak with you” Abu said simply

“I’m listening” Kogberegbe said.

“Eeeh, Oga my wipe eee, mpchew heeee” Musa struggled with the English for a while and decided to let Abu worry about it so he went into a frantic Hausa, ending it will “Sabo e not my priend at all at all, he wicked flinty! Kai mana!!”

Abu informed Kogberegbe that none of the things Sabo said about Musa’s betrothed was true and that they were expecting Musa back at home for the marital rites. Musa was excited about the whole turn of event, and Kogberegbe now had something to go on. Moments later, his phone rang; it was Dana.

“Hey D” Kogberegbe said

“Your fetal test is ready detective. We however need a sample to match it against” She said, going straight to the point. Kogberegbe could imagine that she was swamped with work.

“Wow, that’s good news. Let’s start with the boyfriend”

“Cool, I’m on it. I’ll get back to you” Dana said

“Thanks Dana” Kogberegbe said and got off the phone. He was just following protocol, he was almost certain that Dapo’s test against the fetus would come back negative.

His phone rang again, this time it was Dr. Okanlawon sounding quite excited.

“I heard you’ve got the murderer” Dr said, going straight to the point as if he had no time to waste.

“How did you hear this sir?”

“Well done detective. I knew you would crack the case” Dr Okanlawon said and Kogberegbe could almost hear a laugh in his voice.


“Do I need to come over?”

“Sir, I haven’t yet found enough evidence to tie him to the scene”

“Then find it” Dr said impatiently

“Yes sir.”

“Good” Dr. Okanlawon said

“And sir, if Sabo did kill Ronke, I am certain that he didn’t work alone. I don’t believe a common gateman would have any motive to murder the girl sir”

“Well, he was no ordinary gateman from what I hear right?”

“Yes sir”

“So find the motive. I want the bastard to rot in jail.”

“Yes sir”

“And Kogberegbe, don’t let my information always come from outside source”

“Yes sir”

“Good work” Dr. Okanlawon said and the line went dead.

Next, it was the DPO’s call the came through to his phone

“What madness is this I hear about? Why would you arrest an innocent man?” The DPO said

“Sir, I have reasons to suspect…”

“We don’t make arrests based on suspicions detective. We investigate suspicions!!!” He shouted

“Yes sir” Kogberegbe simply said, knowing it was fruitless to argue with the DPO

“Now I want you to release the boy without further ado. And when I return from my journey,  I want a full report and letter of apology duly addressed to the young man and the entire family he is associated with. Do you understand?”


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  1. herbby
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 08:51:33

    WTF!!!!!!! Y na? U no suppose end am like dat. E no gud o


  2. Ijilola
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 09:12:44

    Menh d suspence is getting more intense, kudos to u tope. Can’t wait for d next episode


  3. amaeze
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 09:30:20

    I smell a rat, was Ronke sleeping with the I.G of Police


  4. Abdullahi Aborode
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 09:39:28

    Mehn….I’m so loving this…nice work Temitope


  5. pgent
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 10:12:43

    hmmm,dis suspence is ghen ghen,DPO is involved,corruption no go gree nigeria police rest….nice job toyin fab


  6. toyinalabi
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 10:37:21

    Becoming more & interesting, guess d police r trying to cover up something or somebody.


  7. Princess
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 12:55:50

    Crying! D suspense is dangerous to my heart


  8. Adewoyin Joseph
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 14:00:27

    Wonder where this is really going. I know a twist is imminent, hopefully Sabo won’t be silenced before he get the chance to say more English.

    Earnestly waiting. *sits back*


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  10. Adewoyin Joseph
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 19:58:17

    Wonder where this is really going. I know a twist is imminent, hopefully Sabo won’t be silenced before he gets the chance to say more English.

    Earnestly waiting. *sits back*


  11. oscarpoems
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 22:16:30

    Typical Naija case. Everyone get interest, the powers-that-be, dem ogas at the top, victim(s) and a lot others.
    I have a feeling more lives would be lost… Won’t guess much, I’ll just wait till Saturday.
    I’m loving this


  12. Yetundeadebiaye
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 10:58:47

    Expensive security guards… Corrupt police officers… Careless parents… Reckless friends… This is naija NCIS or CSI abi na Against the wall? The crime is not foolproof afterall… Great piece… Suspenseful… Interesting storyline… Always at the edge of my bed while reading. One sentence/ phrase? I LIKE!!!


  13. adedotun
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 11:57:45

    I want the whole story at once*teary eyed*


  14. tosin
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 15:51:22

    Hmmm,nawa o,interesting!God save us from evil.


  15. @LumiAkd
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 21:10:25

    Hmmmmmmm! Is tomorrow Saturday?


  16. Babalola Abimbola
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 11:07:45

    OMG! U are just too gud I must confess, avnt fed my eyes on somthing more interesting for a while now. Keep up d gud work dearie. Can’t wait to read the next episode.


  17. Bukky-blez
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 11:10:43

    Very Intriguing. Thumbs up Temi


  18. Ify
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 12:44:50

    ooooh, why do you have to stop here? I really suspect ronke’s dad o.and what is wrong with the DPO, he shld allow the guy do his job and not mess up the whole investigation. even sabo was sure the man involved is influential and he believes he wud not be delayed at the station. well that is Nigeria for you o. May God save us in this nation.


  19. temitopeobasa
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 06:52:43

    Reblogged this on temitopeobasa's Blog.


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