A Woman’s Game …Episode 2

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Accident? No Kitan. That’s not the right word to use.  Oh well. Whatever it was. What mattered was you broke your vows girl. 

Kitan sighed again.


It was one of those days the  despair  felt was so overwhelming that she would imagine that maybe she should slash her wrists. She had been so miserable and had eventually decided that  a massage would help her relax. So she had checked online and found a place that appealed to her.


There were days she wished she hadn’t gone for that massage and other days she was  just grateful for the pleasure finding it had brought to her.


She had gotten there and had been pleased with what she saw.  Her masseuse was undeniably skilled and by the end of the session she was relaxed and ready to doze off.  And that was when it happened – the event that had moved her to the class of spouses who seek out pleasures outside their marriage. She had heard him say “Would you like anything extra ma’am , we also offer extra services”.

She had simply said. “Yes, extras would be great” without asking further questions or seeking to understand just what the extra meant. She liked to blame it on how drowsy she had been.

The next thing she knew was that he was leaning over her on the massage table and  stroking her inner thighs.  Her eyes had widened but she didn’t ask him to stop. Her throat felt dry and when she opened her mouth it was to moan. A part of her wanted to scream and run out of the room at the liberties he took with her body but instead she had remained on the table savouring the pleasure that coursed through her body.

This is sinful but I deserve this. She had thought.


Kitan sometimes remembered it as an out of body experience.  On other days when she thought of that first time , she would imagine it was a dream. Something she had conjured up in her head. On such days she refused to allow her mind remind  her that she had  remained willingly on that  massage table, a stranger lying between her wide flung legs ; gyrating and moaning as he ministered to her body.


Do I regret it? Kitan wondered as she laid thinking in the tub. Yes I do. But not enough to have stopped going. Oh Dele would die if he ever finds out. 



She thought of how  she had sworn to herself after leaving that it was a mistake that happened in a moment of weakness and which she would never repeat. But instead she had found herself going to the same spa over and over and being attended to by not just Dominic but any one of the male masseuse that was available. She would later find out that spas like that were one of the well kept secrets of Lagos married women.

It worked well for women like her who didn’t want to have a full blown affair but needed to receive earth shattering orgasms every now and then. The staff were discreet. Each session was by appointment so there wasn’t the risk of you running into another client.  Kitan had always been grateful for that.


Yes you were grateful for the discretion  but still you got more reckless and  didn’t stop at just the Spa.  Dele would first kill you before ending the marriage if he ever knows.  

“God!” She exclaimed holding her head.

He must never. He must never know. This is one secret I have to carry to my grave. I will die first before I ever let him find out.

No way she was ever going to mention it. She decided.

All I just have to do is find out what’s holding Deles Green card. Once we are living together fully I will have no need for these men.





Later that evening Kitan brought up the Green Card issue.

Dele had been bracing for it mentally but still he felt himself panic as she asked.

What do I tell her ? He wondered. I dont want to lie.

So clearing his throat he said ;

“Babe, I am not making much of a headway. Things have gotten a bit complicated. Ruth is frustrating our plans.”

“Wow! But why is she doing that? Does she want more money?”

“No babe. It’s not money. Things have kinda gone beyond what I planned and I don’t even know how to explain this to you. In fact I am afraid to but I feel the need to explain everything.”

Kitan felt herself getting chills.  She could already guess what it was he wanted to tell her but she wasn’t going to allow him to. If he tells me then I won’t be able to deal with the fact that I am also hiding things from him so I need to play this smart.

“No Dele. To be honest I really do not want to know all the details.”

“You don’t?” Dele asked tempted to heave a sigh of relief..


“Yes baby , I don’t really want to know every single thing. I choose to trust you. So let’s focus on the major issue. Since she is frustrating things like you said, what do you think we can do to get her to cooperate?”


“Babe” . You know we had already done the initial applications and we have been asked to submit the I-130 forms and that’s where we have been stuck for over five months now.”

“She is not ready to submit them and its entirely up to her as the sponsoring spouse. I have done everything necessary for things to work out and for our interview to be a success. Like I told you I had to move in with her. Send flowers to her office regularly, take her on dates. Rehearse back stories on how we met, things we did when we dated and so many other things just so the authorities will believe my marriage to her is authentic and not fraudulent.”

“Yeah. You explained all these”. Kitan replied swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat.

“You know Dele sometimes I wonder that perhaps we shouldn’t have actually done this. I mean sometimes I think “Why was all these necessary “? It’s not like you were doing so badly here before you travelled.”

“Even though I understand why we both feel the need to leave the country seeing how everything is at the moment, I still sometimes feel like maybe if you had stayed and we just consolidated efforts here , we would be fine. I have been making a lot of money lately by running an online  page here. Easy money.  So sometimes  I just wonder that perhaps we shouldn’t have bothered.”

Kitan slapped herself mentally  at the mention of making money from an online page. What are you doing? You are talking too much. Just hope he doesn’t pay much attention to that. She chided herself.


“Babe. I get you. I have also had similar thoughts in the last one year. I hate being apart from you. A lot of days I actually wish I hadn’t started it. But seeing how much time, money and emotions we have already invested in it, I believe it’s just best to see it through.”


“I understand that Dele. I just get tired at times.”


“I am so sorry my love”. He said. Drawing her close. “You need to know I hate leaving you here. Being apart like this, its killing me.”

“Same here. We will be fine. Let’s just think of what we we can do to get Ruth back on track.” Kitan said relieved he didn’t mention anything about the extra money she talked about.

“I am thinking maybe you should have a talk with her now that you are here. I mean remind her that you are committed to your marriage to me and that she really should stop sabotaging things. You should also ask what she really wants. I think we need to understand. Could it be she is falling in love with you? Or perhaps she wants more money but doesn’t want to ask out rightly. These are the things we should find out. ”


Dele sighed. He knew exactly what Ruth wants and he was prepared to tell Kitan about it. The guilt from keeping it inside was killing him but she had made it clear she didn’t really want to know and strangely he felt some relief. As much as he wanted to talk, he also dreaded hurting Kitan.

Ruth wanted him. She had told him that much months back.


“I am in love with you.” she had said. “I know this wasn’t part of the deal and I didn’t also ask for this but it’s happened and I can’t help how I feel. I am in love with you. ”


Before that declaration , their relationship had evolved into a sexual one and Dele liked to blame the strict monitoring they had to endure from officials of the USCIS  for that. Somehow a sexual relationship had become inevitable seeing as they had to spend so much time together and even share a room  to keep up appearance.


The first time they had sex Dele had felt so much anguish and had promised himself it was never going to happen again but he couldn’t have been more wrong. They had gone on to having regular sex as though they were married for real and that was the point where everything went downhill. Ruth had seemed to lose sense of the fact that their relationship was a business arrangement. Instead she had began to make more demands of him using the Green card as a tool to control him. Even coming to Nigeria had been almost impossible and Ruth had threatened to cancel their arrangement. It had taken months of persuasion before she allowed him go.



“What do you think of my idea Babe?” Kitan said cutting into his thoughts.


“Yes it’s good. I will talk to her.” He responded. “Meanwhile you said something about money the other time. What advertising agency is that and when did you become a digital marketer? You have never mentioned it.”


“Oh it’s nothing much.” Kitan replied with a wave of her hand. “I just manage the page that’s all. But I am thinking of starting mine. It has the potentials to bring in good money. I have been trying to learn a thing or two about digital marketing”

Ok. Sounds great. Dele replied. Too distracted by his thoughts to dwell on the issue.



They both laid there on the mat Kitan had laid on the floor of the balcony; reclining on pillows; hands entwined both thinking about the many ways in which they had broken their marriage vows in the last one year.

Kitan thought of the other men she had encountered apart from her special massage therapists. She thought of the gym guy. It was the memory she had tried to suppress earlier but this time she allowed it.


Oh Kitan . You have been acting like one possessed woman. There must be a name for what you have been in these past months. Slut! Kitan . That’s the word you are looking for.

The gym guy! It was the first and last day she had gone there. She had been trying to avoid going for her special massages yet she wouldn’t stop craving a man’s touch. Her body wouldn’t stop yearning to be pleasured so she had thought that perhaps physical exercise would fill the void. Then on her first day she had met the devil himself – the Tempter.


He was the first person her eyes locked on as she walked into gym after registration. The plan was to start slow, work on the threadmill for 30 minutes or 1 hour and head home but all that changed after she entered the gym and her eyes had honed on him.

She remembered her mouth going dry on seeing his bare chest, powerful arms and rippling abs.


Run.  Kitan Run.” She had thought but instead she had stared thinking of how much she wanted to feel his hands on her. How she would like to lie beneath him and watch him do push ups over her body. It didn’t also help that he wasn’t wearing decent shorts but instead had been sporting tights that showed his dick print clearly. She couldn’t concentrate. It was as though it was just the two of them in the room. Instead of heading for the threadmill, she had chosen a stationary bike as it gave her a vantage position from where she could fill her eyes with him. She had known he could tell she was watching him and that she liked what he saw because he had given her a knowing smile.


She would later learn that she wasn’t the first and only woman to have fallen to the Tempter. She would learn that his speciality was to prey on lonely married women and that the gym was his hunting ground.


But that morning Kitan didn’t know any of this and the only thing that filled her mind was how she wanted him. And so when he met her eyes and winked at her from time to time she felt flattered that he found her desirable too. When he slipped a note that said “Meet me in the rest room” she didn’t employ any rational thought but instead had found herself walking into the men’s room , her heart beating in anticipation , all rational thought suspended.



What she felt when she entered the male bathroom and he pulled her into a bath stall had been excitement, no guilt that she was about to betray her marriage vows yet again. Dele was far from her thoughts . All that filled her mind was the thought of relieving her sexual tension and this man whose name she didn’t know, who she hadn’t even exchanged one spoken word with had seemed to know the right buttons to push to push her over the cliff over and over again.



She only regained her senses when after they were both done; and while putting his shorts back on ; he had uttered his first words to her.


” I take transfers if you don’t have cash. This is 5,000 naira. If you want us to repeat it again and you want home service because of privacy that would be N8,000 exclusive of my transport fare.

Pardon me? Kitan had found herself asking suddenly enveloped with shame; her eyes almost popping out of its socket. She remembered reaching for her gym pants where they had been discarded and hurriedly getting into them. She could hardly breathe and could feel tears forming in her eyes.


“I am paying you?” She asked again wanting to be sure she heard right.


“Yes ma’am. Not that I dont count it a pleasure spending time with a beautiful woman like you ; never the less I believe I have rendered a service  and that deserves remuneration.”


Kitan’s mouth had been dry. She couldn’t argue, she in fact didn’t want to. It certainly wasnt so different from her arrangement at the spa but for a moment she had thought they had a mutual attraction.


“Give me your account details.” She saidd. “I will use my bank short code to transfer now.”


She hurriedly transferred the money and took the back door out of the building. She had felt ashamed as she walked to the Car.


“Kai.” Kitan sighed aloud overwhelmed by her memories. She had thought her Married living Single page would help her deal with the guilt but it was apparent  it hadn’t helped much. Having Dele around was proving to be a huge trigger for her.


“Are you okay ? ” Her husband asked.


“Yes love. I am. I am just thinking about the Ruth issue.” She lied.

“Me too.”

“Instead of sitting here moping, why don’t we go out to see a movie?” Kitan suggested. “We still have plenty of time to spend together. I am sure we will figure out a solution for this situation.

“You are right.” He replied.


“Great. So in the meantime let’s enjoy each other’s company. ” She added giving him a peck on the cheek.






Dele agreed with Kitan. It didn’t make sense for them to spend the little time they had together in gloomy conversations about his attempts to get a green card.

He set about dressing as she entered the bathroom.


“What movie do you have in mind babe?” He called after her.


“None actually”. She replied from the bathroom laughing. “What I do usually is to just go there and watch whichever movie that’s next. I love to just sit down and take bags after bags of popcorn. So we will figure things out when we get there don’t worry.”


“Okay then.” He replied.


Minutes later he was ready but he could still hear the shower running so he decided to sit on the bed and wait for her and that was when he heard her phone rang. He picked it up and saw caller name as “Intern BJ”.



Intern? Maybe an intern at her work place . He thought. There was no use disturbing her so he didnt bother calling out for her.



The Phone stopped ringing and his face brightened up as he saw her wall paper. It was one of the pictures they had taken during their honeymoon at Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State.


Happier times . He thought with a wry smile. We could have remained this way but I had to fuck it up with my silly American dream.


He held the phone there in his palm looking lovingly at their photo. I could


He held the phone there in his palm looking lovingly at their photo. I could look at this all day.  Perhaps I should have even planned for this homecoming to be somewhere like this. Like maybe Yankari National Park or even the resort he had read about in Ikogosi Ekiti. Maybe it would have been better. He mused.


He decided to check her photo gallery to see more pictures and that was when the WhatsApp message came in. The one he inadvertently clicked on. The one that made his heart lose its regular rhythm and adopt that of a Conga drum.

It read;


Hi Sis. I know you said I shouldn’t contact you so I am sorry. So things are going fine. We are having fun even though you aren’t here. I posted two really crazy stories this morning. You need to see the comments. Perhaps you should just check the page from your personal account just to have some laughs. That should be something you can do discreetly. I just dont want to be having all the fun alone that’s why I am sending this. Mad gist o. We be learners where some of these women dey sis. If you see the kind of escapades ehn. This is crazier than anything you or I have ever done. Mad stuff. People are going gaga with comments.

Anyway hope you are having fun o. Load up on the D well sis. But I trust you sha. You will. LOL. Talk later. Just to let you know we are doing fine on the page. Talk to you later.


Dele must have read the message at least a dozen times before the bathroom door opened. His eyes looked from the phone to Kitan.


“Ifeoluwakiitan, what is this?”  he croaked. Holding out her phone.



To be continued next Monday.




Picture – Kajuru Castle. Kaduna State. Nigeria.

Photo Credit : Google

**USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Service .






19 thoughts on “A Woman’s Game …Episode 2

  1. The messages never choose a good time to come, as if programmed by the author of all things that carry pain and confusion.
    I really feel for the two who have been flung into different compromising situations by life.
    Good one here and I’ll be camping right here on Monday.

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