FLASH FICTION : Death is The Restitution.





The day he died; I took a long bath, dressed in flowing red robes, donned my satin head wrap and danced for hours to  soulful music.

When I was tired. I sat on the floor of my living room, a container of chips keeping me company as I watched our wedding video again while I waited for them to contact me. I knew they would.

His sister was the one who  broke the news through a text message that read;

” I hope you are happy o. You have finally killed my brother. I hope you are happy.’’

I laughed hysterically after reading.

When I was done, I called the number back and asked;
“How did he die?”

She said  “Ask your babalawo , you unfortunate woman’’.

I only smiled and said “I do not need a babalawo. I am enough. Death is his restitution”  then I ended the call.
I knew my disposition  must cut deep into the flesh of his relatives especially his mother and sister but I didn’t care. It gave me immense pleasure to know that they were certain I killed him and yet could not  do anything about it.

I was there when he died, I knew what killed him and the other 15 unfortunate souls who had been unlucky to share a Bus with him. I was there, the little voice in his consciousness, the one that whispered “ You should have done better”  as the  brakes failed and the Bus cascaded down into a Ravine. The little voice that relentlessly whispered “You deserve this death, you hurt Olu to her core. ‘’You deserve this miserable death’’.




Killing him was easy . Destroying him however took me five years. I started with his finances , the very power he had wielded  over me during our marriage.  Seeing his mother in agony had given  me a perverse joy and I really owe some of my gratitude to the fake prophets she ran after. They kept pushing them in the wrong direction, making them seek forgiveness in the wrong places. I saw everything. I knew it all.

It took them four years before they finally met someone who directed then to me. They came. The three of them with subdued faces.

“My daughter I know he wronged you. Forgive him. “Mo fi Olorun be e”. The mother had pleaded while the sister kept nodding like a Lizard.  I recall laughing in their faces before saying “E je ko lo be eleda e”. When they realised after several visits that I wasnt going to listen, they started to send emissaries and I told each one of them that I will neither forgive nor release him from the bondage.”

They told me what he did was indeed very bad but  that it was the way of men to sometimes behave like fools. They also stopped coming when they realised the more they pleaded,  the hotter my wrath burned.

While they stopped, he kept trying, sending endless messages to remind  me of all the times he did things that brought me joy and I would read and not respond. I did finally respond two weeks to his death day.  I knew his time was near. I was done.

“Yes you did make me happy a few times but you took away what makes me a woman. You took my womb from me. I lost our baby, I needed help but your sleep was more precious. So you slept  while I  flooded our room with my blood. By the time you woke up and decided to take my barely living body to the hospital. It was too late for my womb.  I remember how the Doctor had asked why I was just being brought. I was barely alive but I heard you lie to him. You told him you travelled and walked in that morning to find me like that. You didn’t tell him you refused to help me and also hid my phone so I couldn’t call for help. There is no forgiveness Deyanju. Death is your only restitution.”

He kept on sending messages to plead. He told me how he has lost everything. How his health was failing. How he could barely feed. But I laughed because I knew he hadn’t lost everything.  He had something I will never have ;  the three kids he had with the woman he left me for after I lost my womb. The same woman who left the minute his problems started. I spared his children.


I  wanted to tell him this. I wanted to say he should be thankful I refused to touch his children despite the great temptation I felt to do so. But I  didn’t  respond again. My message had already been passed.

Death,  is the only restitution and there was no need to trade further words.

Adiye da mi logun nu. Ma fo leyin!



Meaning of Yoruba words and phrases

Babalawo : à traditional religious priest 

Mo fi Olorun be e: I beg you in God’s name.

E je ko be eleda e : Let him appease his creator. 

Adiye da mi loogun nu. Ma fo Leyin : If a Hen kicks and pours away the contents of my medicine container, I will pay her back by breaking her eggs. 






A Woman’s Game ..Episode 3

Hello beautiful people,

My sincere apologies for not posting  last Monday. It was quite an overwhelming week. I was practically drowning under the weight of things I needed to get done. Please forgive me. 

See previous posts ; Episode1 and Episode 2




“I don’t understand. Something on my phone?” She asked remaining calm even as a thousand thoughts raced through her mind.

“You received a strange message and it just has me a little bit confused.”

“You went through my messages?” She asked trying to hide her panic behind the feigned indignation.

“No. I didnt check your messages, I wasn’t going through your phone. I was only going through your pictures then the message came in and somehow I clicked on it.”


“Somehow indeed. I am really disappointed that you thought it was okay to go through my phone. What exactly were you looking for? ”

“Babe, I said I wasn’t trying to go through your phone.” Dele protested again.

But Kitan didn’t listen. She instead took her phone from him and stormed out of the room.


Kitan went to the second room , locked the door and frantically checked through the message Dele had talked about. Her outburst had been to buy time so she could check the message and know how much damage had been done.

She read the message and heaved a sigh of relief while also cursing her intern. Is that girl even mad? Which foolish gist is she desperate to share. Alakoba.

She was glad to see the messages was something she could easily explain away so she tried to rehearse what she was going to say to Dele.

She went back to the room and pretended to be surprised to see Dele had changed out of his clothes.

“You dont want us to go out again?” She asked.

“Well considering the fact that you were being all dramatic , I figured that would be the end of our plans. ”

“I am sorry for my reaction. I was actually not in the best of moods because while in the bathroom I kept thinking of the Ruth situation , then I came out and you were asking about something on my phone with an accusing look on your face.”

“I wasn’t accusing you of anything Kitan. I was just wondering what the message was about. It was a bit confusing. I couldn’t make head or tail of it. Your reaction was actually quite unnecessary. You didn’t have to flip on me like that. ”


“I am sorry. ” “I overreacted.”


“Indeed you did. I have never snooped on you so why would you start accusing me of going through your phone? ”

“I am sorry. Now let me try and explain the message.”

“No, don’t  bother because you will soon accuse me of not trusting you. ”

“Haba. Dele. Don’t be like this now. I already explained it was mostly transferred aggression from another issue. ”

“It’s  okay. I don’t want to fight and you don’t have to explain anything. ”

“Well I want to. Kitan insisted. You know I told you about this page I run online. That message was from one of my colleagues. She is one of the page administrators.  I had told them I needed to be away for the duration of your stay and that I don’t want anyone disturbing but this particular girl joked that she could always get me to come back by sending me snippets of posts on the page every now and then. So that message was her just blaberring to see if she could tempt me into resuming admin work. ”

“Okay. I can understand that. But this means the page must be really interesting then. ” Dele Said.

“Oh Yes.” ” It is.”

“Is it on facebook? I would like to join the page. ”

“No babe..It’s on instagram. You won’t be able to since you are not into IG.”

“If its IG then kolewerk.  I have never been able to understand that Instagram. I frankly even wonder how those of you that use it enjoy it. ”

“Instagram is fun Dele. But then not every one will like it though. Same way you are so into Twitter and I can’t stand it. ”

“You are right. So now that this issue is settled , can we go out now?”

“Oh yes we can. ” Kitan replied cheerfully





Kitan was relieved. That was close. she thought.

Perhaps it’s a sign I need to stop for good. From all indications it could be another whole year or more before Dele would be fully mine again and I really can’t continue to cheat on him. 

But what do I do? She wondered.





The next day Dele had his planned discussion with Ruth. He went outside to place the call and Kitan didn’t complain.

She was sure she didn’t want to be there anyway.

After what seemed like an hour, he came back inside.

“How did it go “? “Any good news”? Kitan asked.

“I honestly can’t say for sure. After everything I said. She only said. Okay. I understand you. Let’s discuss this better when you are back in the states.”

Kitan sighed. “So what can we deduce from that?”

“I don’t know babe. I really appealed to her. I told her in the nicest way I could that I am not in love with her and I would never be. I reminded her my relationship with her was all an arrangement and begged that she does the honorable thing by abiding by that arrangement. ”

“Did you ask if she wanted more money?”

“Yes I did. But she said she didn’t and I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.”


“Yeah. I get you. Kitan replied. I would have felt more relieved too if she had asked for more money. But let’s be hopeful.”


“Yeah I will be hopeful and in the meantime start working on a Plan B.”

“And what would that be?”


“I mean if it all doesn’t work out. Plan B will be to come back to Nigeria. ”

“I hope it never gets to that. An alternative plan B is for you to start concentrating on getting a good job. You are a civil engineer, perhaps you could get a job that will help to secure a resident permit for you. That’s another route we have never considered.”

“You are right. I have been busy expending all my energy on route. It was supposed to be the easier option you know. ”

“But what about you Kitan? Haven’t we been apart enough? ”


“I will be fine. I will miss you very much but I will be fine. ”

“Are you sure?: Dele Prodded.

“Yes. I have coped this far so don’t worry. ”

And then Kitan said something else without really thinking it through.


“Err babe, what do you think about me getting a vibrator?”


She slapped herself mentally as soon as the words came out of her mouth.


“Vibrator? As in a sex toy?” Dele asked.

“Yes. That’s what I meant. Just something to amuse myself on days I feels extremely lonely. ”

“Okay. ” “Sure.” “Sounds fine.” “Anything you want”.  Dele Shrugged.


“Would you like to pick up one with me?”

Dele laughed uncomfortably. “No babe. I would really prefer not to meet my rival. ”

Then there was an uncomfortable silence. Kitan felt stupid.

What is with you and blurting out nonsense? You promised yourself you were going to think of an alternative to cheating. Even if it was vibrators, did he have to know?  But wait  why is he even  so uncomfortable about the Prospect of me using toys though? Afterall it’s an inanimate object. Does he expect me not to have needs? Nonsense. Kitan thought feeling irritated. He should be angry o. He doesn’t even realise how thankful he should be that I am willing to do something different. 

“You don’t like the idea?” She asked breaking the silence.


“I have nothing against it. I understand. I just wish something else didn’t have to take my place. ”

“Dele, its not like that na. Some spouses who live together even use these things. ”

“See forget the fact that I live in America. I am still a local boy at heart o so this topic is really somehow to me. I really don’t want to discuss it but it’s okay. When I leave, you can get them.  Which reminds me, I am finally ready to show my face in the village and say hello to my uncle. Can we do that the day after tomorrow? Will it be convenient for you? ”

“Yes Dear I do not have anything else to do until you leave. My time is yours and I also think you should see your uncle now that you are around. He is practically your only living relative. ”


“You are right. We may not be best of friends but he is family. Meanwhile have I told you today how happy being with you like this makes me?”

“No you haven’t and I wonder why. “Kitan said making a face.

“Well. Come here and let me show you. I intend to take my work seriously while I am here. When I leave my rival, Mr Dildo can show his face. ”

Kitan laughed but it didn’t come out genuine. There was something in his voice that made her uncomfortable.



Later that night , Dele told Kitan he needed to take a short walk within her estate. He used the opportunity to call Kolade.

“Guy , How far? Are we seeing you when you get back from Abuja next week?”

“Before Nko?. Do you even need to ask? I am coming to camp in your house oga. There is so much to catch up on.”

“Great. Now I need your help and it’s not something we can talk about when you are here. In fact I left the house to place this call to you. You mentioned something a while back when you were talking about how unsafe it is to leave Kitan all alone. You said I didn’t even allow you to keep an eye on her for me.”

“Okay…. yes I did say that. ” “Did something happen? ” Kolade responded.


“Not really. What if I want you to do that now? How will it work? ”

“Ahhh correct. Your head don dey boot well. I told you o but you were saying I trust my wife o. Lailai o.” “So wetin she do .”

“Nothing. She hasn’t done anything. I still trust her Kolade. I just want to shake off a lingering feeling. ”

“Alright. If you say so. Since you are around now. The best thing is to download a tracking device on her phone. That way you will know about everything she does when you are not around. There is this app that I can recommend . It won’t show on her dashboard. You will see all her messages, who she calls, her location too at every point in time.”

Ahh that sounds so extreme and creepy man.

“Trust me.  Even though it’s like a monitoring spirit, It’s not as bad as it sounds. Also you can choose to do it for just a short period, stop it and then enable it again if need be. I will send you a link to their site and you can read more information.”

“Thanks my guy. But this thing is still making me feel somehow o. ”

“Don’t feel anyhow Dele. Things like this are necessary atimes.  This is what will give you peace. Ignorance is not bliss Ore. ”

“Hmmm.” “Okay.” ” But guy you self when you dey marry? ” He asked changing the subject of their conversation.

When he was done with the conversation. He spent some more minutes thinking.

Dele why do you want to do this? This is worse than what she earlier accused you of. Why will you want to take such a drastic measure?  He asked himself. Is this about the message?

He knew it wasn’t just about the message. It also had to do with her wanting a Vibrator. That had affected him in a way he never thought was possible.  He had several questions. She had never given him the impression she couldn’t handle being celibate for a long time. So he couldn’t  understand why she would want to be using a sex toy when he wasn’t around.

He couldn’t shake off  the image of her lying in their bed, pleasuring herself with a Penis that wasn’t  his. What happens if the Dildo is unable to do a satisfactory job which I am sure it can’t? There is no way it can be like the real thing. Will she seek out other men?.  

No . Dele. Dont allow your mind to stray. Stop acting like a Caveman. Maybe you should learn more about how those things work. Maybe it would be perfect for her and keep her happy. 

No mahn. I can’t make myself accept this thing jare. It’s not done. It’s not right.

There and then he decided he would go along with Kolade’s suggestion. It will only be for a while. Just to clear my mind. 





Back in the room Kitan was mentally composing the post where she would announce to her blog members that henceforth she would be retiring from the MLS life but however continue to share their stories. She felt so much peace with her decision.

She had considered washing her hands off the page completely but she reminded herself about the money she was making from advertisements. There was no way she was going to allow herself miss out on that. She would continue to make money from the page but the life she had been living was going to stop. Her mind was made up.

Henceforth no more clandestine activities. Your husbands only rival will be your toy. She couldn’t wait to start shopping for one online. But knew she had to wait till Dele was gone. She couldn’t risk aggravating him again. He definitely didnt seem happy about the idea.

Silly him. He has no idea this is for his own good as well. If only he knew the things I have been up to. What will he now do sef? Probably kill you o babe. But thankfully he never will. That she was going to make certain of.

For the first time since her husband arrived. Kitan felt truly at peace and filled with hope of better days. Dele would get his Green Card and until then she would have a safe way to handle the loneliness. One that holds no risk.  It’s a new day. I have played this particular game well. Now it’s time to end it.


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