Boarding Tales ~Episode XI (Yewande’s Story)


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Yewande’s Story

I knew when the dog started howling. I also knew they would all wake and start their usual chants of “blood of Jesus’’. I wonder what makes them think that Jesus would listen to them. Sometimes I would also wonder why whatever it was that made the noise couldn’t barge into one of the dormitories and take one or two people. This was sin high school; the great citadel of sex, play and books all in that order, why would Jesus want to listen to anyone here I thought as I wrapped my snow white blanket tighter around me.

I hated the school and was somehow glad I was finally going to be expelled. I had told mum from the start that I didn’t want to attend a boarding school but she had insisted. I know it might be because of the day she caught me with the house maids but most times I prefer to think she just wanted to be rid of me.

It wasn’t like I had been doing anything that day, all I did was watch. I still can’t understand how that can be a crime.

Mom had travelled on one of her business trips, I think Dubai or Spain. Whenever she was not around the house became Aunt Shadia’s. We had four housemaids and Aunt Shadia was the head. That was another thing about Mom that I never understood, I didn’t understand why we needed four people to take care of just two of us. It was convenient for me to be honest, I never had to bother about washing plates, clothes, sweeping or any of those other arduous house chores.

So that day Aunt Shadia had gathered the other house helps into Mom’s room as was their practice whenever she was not around.  They had locked the door from the inside and warned me sternly to stay put in my room and watch MTV like I usually do.

I innocently nodded my head. I was Eleven yearsold but I wasn’t blind, neither was I stupid. I had been curious about what it was that they did in the room for hours and had satisfied my curiosity on one occasion. I had been alarmed and intrigued at the same time by what I saw.

I had peeped through the key hole that day and saw all four of them stark naked. Two of them had been spread-eagled on mum’s double bed another two were kneeling between the legs of the girls on the bed. I had been shocked, I didn’t fully understand what it was they were doing but knew even then that whatever it was, it was something mummy must not know about.

On the day we all got caught, they had gone inside the room as usual and I had also gone to watch. I was probably too engrossed in what I was watching to hear Mom walk towards me. It wasn’t until I was shoved aside that I realised she was beside me. I placed a palm on my mouth and moved backwards. What’s she doing here, I gasped. Aunty Shadia is dead I thought as I watched her place an eye over the key hole.

After what seemed like an eternity, she banged furiously over the door.

‘‘Shadia, Titi, Mojoyin, Shade e ko ara yin bo sita’’

I rested my back against the wall and watched as Mom paced the corridor. I glanced at the door of the room wishing they would be lucky enough to have disappearing powers and not have to face her.

They walked out in a single file and stood by the wall head bowed. I was scared wondering if mum was going to punish me along with them.

‘‘Shadia,Titi,Mojoyin, Shade go inside and pack your stuffs. You are leaving my house today.” she said already dialling a number.

They all fell on their knees and started pleading. ‘‘Sorry ma, it was the devil, we didn’t know what came over us.’’ They went on and on begging her in the name of all the deities on earth. Mom was unyielding, she placed a call to their agent and told them the helps he got her have done an act she cannot forgive and so she wanted them out. He told the man they will be outside the gate.

‘‘What are you people still waiting for?’’ she bellowed. ‘‘Oh you want me to call the security man to throw you out ehn?’’  ‘‘Eyin omo irankiran, so you people want to influence my daughter abi? I won’t allow that, anyway I’m going to the kitchen to get a drink; I must not meet you here when I get back.’’


By evening all the helps had gone and that was when Mom called me into the living room for a talk. She said she has decided I should go to a boarding school, she added that she had information about a good one and that it would be convenient for both of us.

‘‘I don’t want to leave you with house helps again and you know my business requires that I travel frequently. I promise I would check you from time to time.’’

‘‘Mummy, I don’t want to go to boarding school.’’

‘‘Of course you don’t want to, you would prefer watching err err stuffs like the one you were watching this afternoon and before I know it you would join them. There is no discussion about this, you are going to boarding school and that’s final.’’

I had watched as she stood up and left for her room wondering for perhaps the hundredth time what it would have been like to have a father. That was another topic mum would always bully me on. My father was dead and I had to accept it like that. There was no need to see his pictures or any of his relatives, he was simply dead.

 Like everything else that concerned me I had to do Mom’s wish and that was how I got to boarding school. I wasn’t surprised to realise mum didn’t mean it when she said she would visit regularly, neither was I too surprised when she suggested I spend my holidays in school as she was out of town. By the time I was in J.S.S2 she decided I was old enough to stay on my own if she wasn’t around. I never missed her much anyway; we just didn’t have the mother-daughter relationship.

To my many suspensions, she would place a call to the principal and apologise for whatever I had done, she would make promises on my behalf that I would be a better person by the time I come back. I would get home and if she was around, we would never get around to talking about my crime. She just didn’t want to know the details so long as I promise to change my ways. Perhaps Mom did not want to be a hypocrite. You don’t condemn a child for doing something she knows you also do. That was my belief although I wouldn’t have dared to say such to her.


I didn’t start out as wayward girl in boarding school. I had gotten to the school with the thoughts of attending classes, reading and making friends. Mr Adisa changed that vision for me. I met him the first day I resumed. He was the one that received us; he assured my mum they were going to take very good care of me. Mum was impressed and even showed it by handing some naira notes to Mr Adisa.

In the days that followed, he would call me his baby, his pet. He would tell the seniors to treat me well that I am his dark and lovely.

The day I would move from pet to lover, he had come to the hostel very early on a Saturday morning and asked that I and another senior follow him to the assembly hall.

We got there and he said we should sit beside him, one on his left, and the other on his right.

He then brought out a bottle of Calypso and Fanta from the small bag he had been carrying and asked that we drink.

‘‘There is no cup sir’’, I had said and he laughed saying ‘‘can’t you kiss me?’’

‘‘I want both of you to kiss me o so we will all drink from this bottle.’’

He poured some Fanta into the half empty bottle of Calypso, shook the mixture and drank some. When he was through he handed the bottle to Chiamaka the other girl.

‘‘Uncle, you have started o, I have told you I don’t like alcohol.”

‘‘Iwo wo, Orobo, Orobo mi o’’, he exclaimed poking the girl in the ribs, I watched in astonishment as she giggled softly slapping Mr Adisa on the wrists.

I watched on as she drank from the bottle and passed it to me.

‘‘I’m not drinking sir’’, I said my voice shaking.

‘‘Okay no problems if you don’t want to drink.’’

‘‘I want you both to escort me to the admin block over there. I’m going back to the staff quarters but you guys will escort me to the admin block and turn back.’’

We both stood up and followed him, some few yards to the admin block, he stopped and turning to Chiamaka he told her to call the hostel prefect girl for him.

‘‘Okay sir’’, she had said turning back immediately.

‘‘Let’s go Yewande’’ he said putting my palm in his.

I walked on with him, I wanted to say something after we passed the admin block and turned to the bush path that led to the staff quarters but for some reason the words came out silent. I saw the staff quarters ahead but we kept going and still I kept quiet, not a word even when we entered Mr Adisa’s sitting room and he told me to sit on a chair. He entered the room and came out after about ten minutes. It was when he came out that I found my voice and started screaming alarmed at what I saw.

to be continued

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Boarding Tales (Episode 1)

Hey guys, wrote this a while back and decided to share it now. It would be in episodes, each episode will come out on Mondays. It’s based on some of the shocking things that happen in some boarding schools in the country. Have fun and don’t judge Bosola too harshly.


The day I was to start boarding school, I woke up as early as 4.00 am, to say I was excited was an understatement. I had always admired boarding students and I was happy to become one even if the school was in a village. I got up from the bed, put on the lights and went through the things my mother packed for me. The box was filled to the brim, I fingered the tin of Milo, it was the biggest size; the one they call Baba Sala, I smiled contentedly, my mother had thought of almost everything. The one thing she didn’t think of and which she never would have thought of, I had packed myself.

We got to the school at about 4.oo pm despite having left Lagos before 7.00 am; this was to be expected considering the remoteness of my school. I was appalled at how rural the place was although I was quite fascinated by the mountainous terrain, I couldn’t understand why I had to go to a school so far away from Lagos when I could have gone to Queen’s college which was where all my friends and the children of my parent’s friends attended. But my Dad had spent over an hour extolling the virtues of this school going on and on about how they had disciplined teachers and bla bla bla.


Later that evening, I began unpacking my things; I noticed I was getting a lot of attention although I really wasn’t ready to talk to anybody. I might be in J.S.1 but I certainly didn’t see myself as a junior so you can imagine my surprise when I heard someone call ‘’last girl’’ I glanced towards the direction of the voice, the room was so jam-packed with bunks that you hardly had space to walk in between yet I saw a lot of students running towards the voice. I saw the owner of the voice thrust a bucket into one of the girl’s hands; that was when I understood what the running was about, the last girl had to carry out the errand. I returned to my unpacking forgetting the incident immediately.

I suddenly felt a jab on my forearm; I looked up to see who it was;

’’Senior Seeke is calling you’’ the girl that tapped me said.

“Who is senior Seeke’’? I asked

She is over there, the girl said, pointing, my eyes trailed her hand and saw she was pointing to the same lady I had seen earlier. I wasn’t through with my packing and had no intention of leaving where I was, I glanced at my Gold wrist watch, the one Dad had given me for my Thirteenth birthday, It was past 9.00pm. I sighed and shook my head; there was no way I was standing up till I finished unpacking I told myself silently.

The girl tapped me again, this time with a great sense of urgency, I was about to snap at her but stopped when I saw the fear in her eyes.

She leaned closer and whispered,

’’Please go and meet her before she gets angry. She likes slapping juniors and that is why we call her Slappy behind her back’’.

’’Really’’ I replied, ’’thousands of her are not fit to slap me’’!

’’Won o biire’’! she wouldn’t dare!

’’Just go and meet her’’ she insisted, I was kind of intrigued by the girl especially because of the fear I saw in her eyes,

’’I’m Bosola, What is your name’’? I asked ignoring her entreaties that I should go to slappy.

Before she could reply I heard a shout that scared me to the core;

’’Where is that new girl?

 I stood rooted to the same spot, the girl I was talking to had already scampered unto her bed on the next bunk.

In a movement that seemed more of a blur, Slappy came to where I was in front of me and said;

’’You this stupid junior, is it that you are deaf or dumb ehn? Why exactly have you not been replying me since’’?

I didn’t utter a word, I just kept looking into her eyes; she seemed unsettled by that and screamed;

’’Take your eyes off me, take your evil huge eyes off me, Oloju rangandan’’ she added

I lowered my eyes and smiled smugly, that was the first time my eyes were being referred to as evil, all my life I have heard them called only flattering names, my father called me eleyinju ege, and Folasayo my boyfriend when I was in Primary 4 had always referred to me as Oloju ede. Even my mother with all her bickering had nothing but praise for my eyes calling me Oju wunmi.

I looked up at the senior in front of me again, this human being they call Slappy calling my eyes; the most beautiful thing in my body apart from my boobs and bum evil and I smiled my most evil smile revealing my perfect set of teeth. The next thing that happened shocked me beyond anything I ever thought of, I felt a stinging slap on my face, I saw stars but immediately raised my hand and without thinking slapped her back, she paused as if in shock and before I knew it  I was surrounded by a horde of seniors. They were all shouting on top of their voices, cursing and panting, I saw some other girls which I guessed must be juniors rushing to climb their beds, they didn’t want to be accused of being a part of the “sacrilege’’ I seemed to have committed. I was asked to do every form of punishment they could think of, I was thereafter given ten strokes of the cane on a single palm; this was administered personally by Slappy. Throughout everything I made sure I didn’t shed a single tear.

When they finally released me I went back to my cupboard, arranged my provisions, made up my bed, and settled down to sleep. I laid there quietly mulling over the events of my first day in school, I could still hear Slappy’s voice abusing me with adjectives I have never heard of, I promised myself quietly that she was going to pay, I didn’t care what it would cost me. I lay there quietly and started my favourite past time, I put my hands in my night dress, cupped my breasts and squeezed them, they were full and heavy to the touch, I ran my unhurt hand over my stomach, it was flatter than a chalk board and sighed proud of my body. I knew just how to make all of them pay. I stood up energised and picked my sewing kit and house wears.

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Meaning of Some Terms


Oloju Rangandan: The one with oversized eyes

Eleyinju ege: The one with graceful eyes

Oloju ede: Eyes as beautiful as that of the crayfish

Oju wunmi: The one that makes one covet huge eyeballs


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