Boarding Tales (Episode VI)

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My eyelids were heavy, I wanted to put my head on the desk and sleep off but the long cane in the teacher’s hands suggested it would be a bad idea; My sleepy state was due in part to the boring nature of the class and also to the fact that I didn’t sleep well the previous night. I had been expecting to be attacked by Slappy or one of her friends and so kept dozing off and on.  I tried to keep my mind busy by thinking about the events of the earlier part of that morning, making the pictures form in my mind’s eye.

It was just about 5.15 am, there was a straight line of juniors, each with two buckets in hand walking to the stream. I followed at a distance since it was obvious no one wanted to talk to me. We got to the stream, fetched the water and walked back to the hostel, each junior with a bucket balanced on the head and another held by the hand. We reached the hostel and the juniors delivered a bucket of water to their respective masters – the seniors , all juniors except me. Standing by my bunk I watched as they picked up brooms and rakes in readiness for the various morning jobs that had been assigned to them. I slowly grabbed my towel while……..

“Eh you”!

“What’s her name”?

I felt a jab in my ribs and practically had to pry my eyes open; my eyes met the teacher’s immediately.

“What’s your name”?

“Bosola Adesegun”

“What was the last thing I said”?

I wanted to reply that the last thing he said was ask for my name, but looking at his eyes I could see the small man was ready to use the evil cane in his hands on me. So I decided not to be funny and said;

“You were talking about Stevenson’s screen sir”

I could sense the disappointed air in the room; they had been expecting me to come up empty. What they didn’t know was I hadn’t heard a word and had just said “Stevenson’s Screen” because it was the topic being discussed.

“So can you tell me what Stevenson’s screen is about”.

“It’s a screen sir”

The whole class thought it was funny and burst into laughter

“How do you mean it’s a screen?”

“I don’t know sir”

“I know you don’t, you were busy daydreaming, stand on your feet for the rest of the period.”

I didn’t stand for long as the class ended barely ten minutes later.

I had a good fifteen minute rest before the next teacher came in; it was the man I met on Sunday; the housemaster; the one that Toluse said was his drinking buddy.

He noticed me immediately he entered. He merely nodded at me and I nodded back. He was to teach us agriculture and his lecture was quite engaging, he kept cracking jokes that left everyone reeling in laughter. We finished animal hormones and neurones and he announced that the next topic was Reproduction.

“I need two animals out here”

We all looked at ourselves and I hissed inwardly

“A female animal and a male animal should volunteer” he continued, chuckling happily

I rarely get afraid but at that point I was; I had this horrible feeling that he was going to call me. I looked around again and saw that the rest of the class thought it was fun and most were grinning happily.

A guy raised his hand up and walked outside. He was a tall, thin boy whose shorts were way below the waist. I noticed he had what I call the “local look”. I can’t really define that look but some people do have it and most times confirm it when they open their mouth and speak with a highly accented English or Yoruba as the case may be.

As he walked out, shouts of Alangbz, Alangbz trailed him. I turned to my seat mate and looked at her quizzically; she answered my unspoken question by telling me that he was called “Alangba” (Lizard) because of his stature. I sighed wondering again what sort of school it was that I found myself.

“Alangbz, thank you” the teacher who I now knew to be Mr Adisa said

“So, I still need a female animal out here, if no one volunteers I might have to call someone myself”.

I looked around again and saw no one was ready to volunteer; I looked back at the teacher and saw that his eyes were on me, I sighed resignedly accepting that the burden was most likely going to fall on me.

“What’s your name Arewa”, he asked looking at me

I felt myself blush at his calling me “the beautiful one” and hoped the blush didn’t show on my fair skin.

 “Bosola” I replied running my hands through the corn rows I had just plaited the previous night.

“Is it Oluwabosola or Ifabosola”? He asked causing the whole class to roar in laughter.

“Iyabosola” I replied

“Why now, why will anyone give a pretty young girl like you that sort of name”? He asked frowning.

I shrugged wondering why most people thought the name sounded too archaic. I was born exactly two weeks after my paternal grandmother died and my dad was said to have declared that his dead mother was back hence my being named Iyabosola.

“Anyway, I think we’ll stick with Bosola abi”? He asked the class eliciting nods from them

“Okay come out Bosola and represent the female animal”.

I stood up from my seat and walked to the front with my head held high. My cardigan was tied to my waist and I saw Mr Adisa’s eyes on it.

“Face the board both of you”

Alangbz faced it immediately, grinning happily

I was about to face it when Mr Adisa stopped me

“Bosola wait”, he said

“Remove your cardigan and hand it over”, I did as he instructed and then faced the chalkboard

The boys started whistling almost immediately and although I couldn’t see Mr Adisa, I could feel his eyes on my back. I felt the heat of their collective eyes on my buttocks and it was somehow unsettling.

After several seconds, I heard his voice again;

“Okay, everybody quiet”

“Now look at these two animals, can you see that they both look matured for reproduction”.

“Yes oo”, the class chorused although it seemed the boys were the only ones enjoying the show as I couldn’t hear any girly voice.

 “Now, today we will talk about what happens when two animals come together and how they create another animal from that process”.

“Both of you face the class”

We both turned, I looked at the several pairs of eyes and smiled softly, I didn’t know why but I felt amused at this comedy they called a school. I was amused at the rapt attention they were paying to this pseudo education they were receiving.

“Now look at the female animal again, can you see how beautiful she is”?

“Can you see the skin and the mammary glands; can you see they are well developed”?

He laughed at his own statement and the rest of the class joined in.

 I saw several pairs of eyes shift to my breasts and felt my nipples tighten; I chuckled softly at the thought of what would have happened if the bra I was wearing wasn’t thick enough to hide my erect nipple.

“As we all can see, these animals are matured enough to come together”.

Mr Adisa then placed a hand at the small of my back, and the other at Alangbz back and then without warning slammed our bodies together. I winced from the pain I felt where Alangbz collarbone hit my arm.

“Uncle” he shouted as soon as he released us.

 “I am dead o uncle” Alangbz continued

The whole class was rolling in laughter amused at the way Alangbz was rubbing his chest.

“What happened”? Mr Adisa asked laughing as well

“Sir, when you pushed us together just now, something hit me in the chest, two very soft things sir”

The whole class convulsed in laughter again, some almost falling from their chairs. I watched them again and suppressed the laughter that was welling up inside me, it wasn’t a laughter borne out of mirth but a sad sort of laughter.

Mr Adisa told us to go back to our seats and we did. The rest of the class period constituted writing notes upon notes; this was punctuated with Mr Adisa’s lewd jokes.


School ended at 4.00 pm and we all had to go for one hour siesta before dinner and prep classes. I had not seen Toluse throughout the day and funny enough didn’t even remember he existed. I was on my way to the dining room when a boy I adjudged to be a junior stopped me and gave me a piece of paper which he said was from Toluse.

I removed the staple pins and sniffed it smiling; he had sprayed his perfume on it. I opened it and saw that it was a higher education note and every page was filled with words, I realised it wasn’t something I could read immediately and slipped it inside my hostel wear.

I got to the dining hall and sat down to eat. I wanted my mind to be out of the hall so I started imagining going to the S.S.2 block later that night with Toluse. I made the pictures form slowly as I wanted to savour the scene I was seeing in my mind’s eye.

I felt the buzz before I heard it; I dropped my spoon even as I heard several spoons clattering onto plates. Students had started climbing on the dining table while others were pushing their way to the front. I was still thinking which one of the two to choose when I saw everyone rushing back to their seats. I watched as Mr Adisa walked in, there was no mirth in his eyes , his pupils were red and he looked like he was about to beat everyone in the hall. Two people followed closely behind him; a boy and a girl with their hands tied together, I knew the girl as she was in my class but didn’t recognise the guy at all. The hall was still buzzing but everyone fell silent at Mr Adisa’s signal.


Boarding Tales (Episode IV)


I brought down my dress, sighing. I wasn’t in the mood for a fight; I just wanted to clean up, eat and sleep.

“Where is the water I asked you to fetch?” She bellowed waking up the other three occupants of the room.

“Senior Toluse asked someone to bring it to the hostel for you”, I replied calmly my back still against the wall. She was holding the front of my dress in a tight grip and I thought of how easily the dress could be ripped.

“I sent you and not anybody else and I want you to produce that water now along with an explanation on why I sent you somewhere since 6.30 am and you are just getting back at 11 am’’. Her face suddenly tightened in a frown as if something occurred to her and then she said:

“No problem, you can continue with what you were doing.”

I was confused, wondering why she would change her mind so quickly. I however heaved a sigh of relief that she left, I quickly removed my dress, wrapped my towel around me and carried my bucket of water to go to the bathroom, I glanced at Slappy’s corner and saw she was lying down, holding a book in her hand, she looked too calm and I was puzzled, wondering what plans might be brewing in her mind.


The bathroom was at the back of the hostel, it was a more of an excuse for a bathroom. It was made of iron sheets and the door was also made of iron sheets and planks. It had no roof but was high enough to prevent prying eyes. I entered the bathroom and almost puked. The floor was not cemented but was laid with gravel. Somehow the water wasn’t flowing well so the floor was water logged. The place was also dirty with used soaps, sponges and soap wrappers littering the floor. I spotted a plank and used it as a stand. I draped my towel on the bathroom wall and that was when I noticed the rock; the one behind the hostel. I hissed upon seeing it wondering why they had bothered to make the bathroom walls high. It would be easy for any boy who wanted to have a view of naked girls to see to his heart’s content. All he or they needed to do was climb the rock and to make matters worse, there were enough brushes and shrubs to hide behind. I took my bath hurriedly determined to return to the hostel, dress up and leave before Slappy’s friends got back from the fellowship.

It was when I finished my bath that I realised what Slappy had been planning all along. I turned around to pick my towel and behold, it was no where to be found. The first emotion was anger and then fear; anger that Slappy would be so cruel and fear that I might have to stay in the smelling bathroom until someone comes there by chance. I was reluctant to stay there since I wasn’t sure what Slappy’s plans were, I imagined her bringing a whip and chasing me around the school naked. I shuddered at the thought and finally decided to venture out of the bathroom and look around. I walked out glancing furtively around; I saw the cloth drying line but was disappointed to see it empty. I was about to walk back to the bathroom and wait for whatever Slappy planned when I saw it; a towel that had become a rag, it was very dirty but thankfully dry. I shook the dirt out, wrapped the towel around me making sure it was far away from my skin as was possible.

I was scared of going back to the hostel but I knew I had to and so I went back. I entered the room and glanced at Slappy’s bed, it was empty. I dashed to my bunk, opened my box and brought out my house wear and the backpack that contained my toiletries. I gathered both in my hands and ran out of the room. I went to the classroom block closest to the hostel and sat in a corner where no one could spot me from the hostel. I had just worn my hostel wear when I started hearing voices in front of the female hostel.  I closed the nearest wooden window and peeped through a small hole in the window. The scene I saw would have been funny if it didn’t have something to do with me.

Slappy was on a raised platform in front of the female hostel ringing a bell, her friends were standing beside her holding canes of diverse lengths. She gestured to one of them to go to the back of the hostel. She rang the bell and asked that all juniors both male and female should report to the front of the female hostel.

I had never been that afraid in my life; I shivered and thanked my stars that I hadn’t waited for too long in the bathroom.

In minutes the front of the hostel was packed full with students both male and female. I watched as Slappy’s friend came back from the backyard of the hostel and whispered into Slappy’s ear. I saw the shocked look on her face. She turned to the students and declared that no one must leave until she gets back.

Immediately she left, I ran to the door of the classroom and bolted it. I also frantically locked all the windows of the class. My heart was thumping wildly. I went back to the small hole in the window and peeped out again, glancing furtively at the door every other minute.

She walked back to the front of the hostel after what had seemed like an eternity and told the students to disperse.

I would have heaved a sigh of relief but I knew the respite wasn’t going to last long. I knew I had to do something fast. “I have to see Toluse; He is the only one to help out of this mess.” I said aloud to myself.

I left the class for lunch when the bell rang.  I saw Toluse immediately I entered; he had a cane in his hands and was standing with some other boys who I guessed must be prefects too. He  kept trying to meet my eyes but I completely ignored him, I was wearing my Sunday wear; a Yellow check dress I had adjusted to fit snugly against my curves, I had undone my cornrows and had combed and oiled my long hair till it shone. I styled it as a half parting framing my face with half of it and had also lined my eyes. I learnt very early to use my looks to get what I want and had never failed to use it to my advantage for as long as I can remember. At Thirteen, I was 1.65 cm tall, very fair complexioned and had features that you would expect an Eighteen year old to have. I was aware of this and I used it.

I ate my food slowly as I was still afraid of going back to the hostel and was hoping Toluse will find a way to talk to me especially since I had made it obvious I wanted to ignore him. I finished my food and was on my way back to the classroom when someone walked up to me and said Toluse wanted to see me.

“Where is he”? I asked

“He is in J.S.S.2 building”

“Please where is that”?

“It’s the building after the Mosque”

I remember seeing the mosque when Dad and I came in on the previous day so I thanked her and left to see Toluse.

It wasn’t hard locating the building, it was directly after the mosque, it was however quite far from the hostel and also secluded, I wondered why he couldn’t meet me in the J.S.S.1 block that was closer to my hostel.

I walked in and saw there were several other couples there, some sitting where the windows should have been, others occupying some of the chairs. There were even some girls sitting on their boyfriend’s laps. “What exactly is this school?” I mused.

Toluse sitting at the far end of the class and he waved at me and smiled as he saw me approach.

“Bosola, bawo ni” “How are you?” his eyes roved over me knowingly as if to remind me he had possessed my body.

“I am fine”, I replied still standing

“Come and sit here” he said, gesturing at the chair beside him

 “So why were you avoiding me at lunch”? He asked wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

“I wasn’t”, I said simply

“You were Bosola and you know it, do you want our relationship to be an underG thing?

“What’s underG”?

UnderG is when two people are dating secretly”

“Oh, no! That’s not it, I don’t mind people knowing. In fact I think it’s too late for that”

“Better ooo, because I want the whole school to know.”

“It was true that I avoided you and that’s because your girlfriend gave me a hard time when I got back to the hostel, she almost beat me up and I think she is even planning something with her friends, since I don’t want trouble I decided it was best to stop talking to you and look for another guy who is unattached.”

 “Bosola, I am sorry for any pain Seeke might have caused you, I will sort everything out today”.

“Are we okay now”? He asked nibbling on my ears and moving his hands around my waist.

I sat there unflinching even as he murmured against my ears;

“You are so beautiful, Bosola”

He was still on this when someone shouted Alaye, Alaye and the other occupants of the class began to run out of the class through the back door, some jumped through the window and in seconds we were the only ones left in the class, I wanted to stand up and run too but Toluse held me down. I looked at Toluse quizzically wondering why.

“Don’t worry, sit down”, he said half smiling.

“Why did they run out Toluse because I’m scared oo.”

“”Don’t worry; it’s because of Alaye Olori oko himself.”

“Who is Alaye?” I asked glancing towards the door. I gasped at what I saw, I had my answer and it filled the door way.


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