Boarding Tales ~ Episode XIV (Bosola’s Confessions)

**** “Madness! That’s what this whole business had to be.” I said a bit loud to myself after leaving Yewande’s bunk. I listened to the peal of the breakfast bell as it rang for the last time. I wasn’t hungry at all or better still I had no appetite for food. I wondered if that … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~ Episode XIV (Bosola’s Confessions)

Boarding Tales ~Episode XI (Yewande’s Story)

For previous episodes please click here   Yewande’s Story I knew when the dog started howling. I also knew they would all wake and start their usual chants of “blood of Jesus’’. I wonder what makes them think that Jesus would listen to them. Sometimes I would also wonder why whatever it was that made … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~Episode XI (Yewande’s Story)