Boarding Tales ~ Episode XV (Bosola’s Confessions)

‘‘This whole drama needs to stop young lady.’’ Mr Adisa said giving me a stern look ‘‘Sir, I think we need to review the punishment in light of Bosola’s confession.’’ He added addressing the principal. ‘‘Adisa, wait a minute. That won’t be necessary, besides I think she was about to tell us something.’’ ‘‘Young lady, … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~ Episode XV (Bosola’s Confessions)

Boarding Tales ~ Episode XII (Yewande’s Story)

Please find all previous episodes here "What’s he doing here?" I murmured thoughts of rape going through my head. Yewande, egbe ni e o? Why are you screaming just because you saw a young boy like you? “I didn’t expect that anyone else will be in and then he was hiding behind you and watching me … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~ Episode XII (Yewande’s Story)

Boarding Tales (Episode X)

To read all the previous episodes, from Episode I to X, please click here “Take them to the bathroom and search them” Mr Adisa ordered after searching Yewande’s stuff for over thirty minutes and not finding any of the missing items. “Slappy must be pissing in her pants from ecstatic joy”. I thought looking at the … Continue reading Boarding Tales (Episode X)