Boarding Tales ~ Episode XV (Bosola’s Confessions)

‘‘This whole drama needs to stop young lady.’’ Mr Adisa said giving me a stern look ‘‘Sir, I think we need to review the punishment in light of Bosola’s confession.’’ He added addressing the principal. ‘‘Adisa, wait a minute. That won’t be necessary, besides I think she was about to tell us something.’’ ‘‘Young lady, … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~ Episode XV (Bosola’s Confessions)

Boarding Tales ~Episode XI (Yewande’s Story)

For previous episodes please click here   Yewande’s Story I knew when the dog started howling. I also knew they would all wake and start their usual chants of “blood of Jesus’’. I wonder what makes them think that Jesus would listen to them. Sometimes I would also wonder why whatever it was that made … Continue reading Boarding Tales ~Episode XI (Yewande’s Story)